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Macbeth as performed in ancient Rome

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Macbeth as performed in ancient Rome

In this production, Macbeth enters the city with his army marching. He is dressed in his white cloak and a shining helmet on his head. In his hand is his armor and a sword is sheathed in his belt. On his feet, he wears the traditional caligae and greaves to protect his legs. They match with prisoners of war in chains as a sign of their victory. The three witches then stop the procession to give Macbeth presents for his valor. They foretell the reward the king will give him for his bravery.

Macbeth receives a letter from the king telling him that he is to be given a big sum of money and a huge mansion as a reward. The king also tells him he will be his guest in his home. He sends a message to his wife concerning the witches’ prophecy and the king’s request. He then heads home to prepare for the same.

On arriving, his wife tells him to murder the king and take the throne. After much deliberation, he agrees to do so the same night while the king dines with him. Together with his wife, they carry out their plan, assassinate the king in bed, and then frame it on the servants. The king’s sons flee the country out of fear and Macbeth is crowned king.
Macbeth kills Banquo and everyone else in his lineage to avoid the fulfillment of the witches’ prophecy. Some he sends to the arena, others he orders to commit suicide, while his guards assassinate others. The bloodbath becomes too much for his wife who then commits suicide. This traumatizes Macbeth who also commits suicide.

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