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Methods And Documents

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Methods and Documents


The documentary explains learning in a public school in a city in Japan. To do this, they recorded for a year the class of Professor Toshiro Kanamori and thanks to this, I could observe the way of working and how they make them advance not only in learning, but in the art of living through happiness andGood coexistence. One of the methods that Toshiro Kanamori uses in its class is: "The letters of the notebook". 


This method is that every day three students read their cards aloud to other classmates, which usually generate opinions or comments among the rest of classmates. "The letters of the notebook" seems to me a very optimal method, since children can express both their feelings and emotions and those of others. In addition, I consider that it is a very effective method, since thanks to him children learn the value of respect and social skill of empathy. 

On the other hand, it seems to me a very good way as this teacher has worked harassment at school. In the documentary, you can see how Toshiro Kanamori acts, reflecting and trying to make the children get into the place of the harassed person so that they think what they are doing before hurting a partner. This teacher shows that at school you have to learn to be a person and live respecting all people and then learn everything else. 

Therefore, as I said at the beginning, he seeks a good coexistence within his class.

Wait! Methods And Documents paper is just an example!

Toshiro, manages to create this good atmosphere in class and later see a situation that caught my attention. I mean the moment where a child behaves badly, since it does not stop bothering in class and the teacher punishes him. However, the punishment that makes the colleagues unfair and defend it. This has caught my attention, since they normally let us express injustices.

In our system when we see that they punish other unjustly colleagues, we often shut up for the repercussions we can have. However, this teacher listens to students and not only that, but asks that other classmates express what they think about that subject. Therefore, this type of problem in which Toshiro has exceeded some punishment, has dialogued with the students and has shown flexibility and generosity. 


In parallel to the emotional issue that is daily in the classroom, the actions to which they encourage them: play freely in the mud, go out to contemplate nature, build without a team boat a team, make a body map and body map andmental to learn about oneself, treating intrapersonal intelligence, very careless in schools today. 

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