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Oedipus Rey: Greek Tragedy As A Literary Genre

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Oedipus Rey: Greek tragedy as a literary genre


Sigmund Freud’s approach as an Oedipus complex is correct, analyzing the characteristics of this, a similarity is observed with what happened during the mentioned dramatic work, such as the fact that Oedipus murdered his father clearly reflects according to FreudA person who suffers from this complex, as well as that the new king of Thebes has married his father’s widow, that is, his mother. 


It is also worth adding that although Sigmund Freud proposes that in the Oedipus complex the father is hated, since he tries some way to win more attention and affection on the part of the mother, this is not reflected in the work, however, if it is reflected that the child expresses his disgust before those attitudes of the father through anger and tantrums, which can be interpreted as the fact of having killed him, unconsciously, but he did it.

Another aspect that highlights in the great work of Sophocles, which also can be mentioned, are the psychological behaviors that occur throughout the entire development of the plot in each character of the same. One of these aspects, or features, is the feeling of guilt. The same is present in Oedipus. And considering what Thomen Bastarda postulates, about feelings it can be said that they are "moods" that manifest in people who are subject to external interactions that can affect or not affect the individual.

While the feeling of guilt thanks to what he postulates that can be understood as a psychological experience which is announced accordingly of an event that produces damage to the person and generates a "feeling of responsibility" in it (Fernández López, 2019) The sense of guilt is one of the main features of this story and is present more than anything in the main protagonist and around who happens and affects, Oedipus and this one begins to notice markedly when he assumes his position as the newKing of Thebes after the death of his predecessor, Layo.

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Also, when Oedipus becomes the ruler of Thebes, with the passing of time he is aware of terrible events and events, which they had unconsciously committed and soon bring consequences derived by the sense of guilt. One of these events was that Oedipus kill Layo when he found himself traveling to Delphi;This could be interpreted as one of the symptoms of the Oedipus complex, which is the contempt that a son feels for his father and this could be illustrated when Oedipus kills his father.

Then another event happens;After marrying Yocasta a terrible plague invades and whips the entire city of Thebes, this as a consequence of the death of King Layo. And Oedipus being the new king, in addition to his own interest, to resolve this matter, as well as finding out the reason for his provoking. And after finding out everything, Oedipus is totally impressed and impacted after knowing the truths of the facts;And it is at this time that another aspect of the Oedipus complex is present, which in this case is the sense of guilt mixed with the feeling of responsibility, since it feels that everything that happened was his fault and responsibilityAnd as a reaction to this, life is taken away and later life,

The latter (feeling of responsibility) taking into account what was previously exposed as a concept of feeling, and what Sánchez Cuevas postulates, it can be said that the feeling of responsibility is that emotion that people feel when they believe they are those that caused somefact or event. 


In summary, it is important to emphasize that Oedipus Rey should be considered as one of the best works belonging to the literary genre of Greek tragedy, since the same characteristic sample and psychological features at drastic levels, considerably exaggerated, but at the time this does notIt was such because that way the society of ancient Greece was structured, with very different cultural, religious, political and social contexts compared to today’s societies.  

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