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Relationship Between Germany With Mexico

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Relationship between Germany with Mexico


The German-Mexican interest for years has increased, although both have faced economic problems and overcome world crises, the opportunities that Germany sees in Mexico influence social, cultural, political and technological environmental issues. Germany being a developed country seeks to boost Mexican talents in student exchanges actions, investments of large companies in Mexican territory preserve agreements and treated.

Although the difference between them is abysmal, respect and admiration between countries allows the relationship and duality to flourish.

German investments help growth for jobs and developImportant place as a world producer of vehicles.

World and environmental problems make presidential projects and meetings in which they result. Many countries see the growth of favorable Mexico in different sectors, although some others want to stop it with barriers, natural and social wealth does not compare with power or money.


Over the years, the Mexican German relationship has faced different levels of use, they have faced each other on different sides, they have been commercial allies and this relationship has gained importance for both countries;Not only in commerce, but in the cultural exchange that persists between them.

The German economy is known and recognized as: the German miracle, the culture and recovery of two world wars, belonging to the European Union, the care of the domestic market makes Germany, an important country, with references that allow to create a caseof commercial, cultural and economic study and analysis.

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 Mexico is considered a developing country, a country, full of diversity, natural resources and with an active participation in relations with other countries, a country, which is increasingly opening commercial relations with countries such as Germany,China, etc.

Objective: Analyze the evolution of the relationship between Mexico and Germany in order to identify the factors that lead to greater use of this market.

The German economy.

Germany has an area of 357,580 square kilometers, its capital is Berlin. It belongs to: EU, G20, G8, IMF, EEE, COE, NATO, OECD, OSCE. He has been involved in two world wars, despite this, the standard of living its inhabitants are good;In 2018 the GDP of this country was 40,300 euros.

At the end of World War II and with the beginning of the Cold War, Germany is divided into three parts to the west, which belonged to UK, France and EU (RFA). And the (RDA) German democratic republic, controlled and directed by the USSR. During that period, the Marshall Plan is carried out, which allows the RFA to obtain monetary support from the United States.

The recovery of the German economy is called: "The German miracle" The basis of recovery is found in the industry and in the reforms that were created on the self-financing policy.

Germany is one of the most successful cases of economic development, a work force of 44.3 million people, an unemployment rate of 5.3%, its growth, in the last 10 years, has been close to 2% per year and last year its budget was with surplus, as a result of efficient public policies.

The Mexico-Germany relationship

I’m glad my stay in Mexico, a very important partner for Germany! Peter Tempel, Ambassador

It is considered that the relationship between Mexico and Germany comes from 1800 when the scientific dissemination set the look of the European country in our wide territory rich in natural resources, in the same way the knowledge of culture and social Novohispana opened the opportunity of a commercial relationship.

In May 1942, during World War II, Germany and Mexico, they face opposite sides. Mexico established diplomatic relations with the two German republics, until their reunification in 1990.

Security and peace

Both countries cooperate and seek peace in their countries as actors of global responsibility. One of Mexico’s priorities with this agreement is to maintain peace and security by ending or decreasing the generated violence, drug trafficking, organized crime, violation., illegal trade, corruption protection of personal data etc. In which Germany offers great experience and technical knowledge so Germany made an intergovernmental treaty.

Figure of the total detainees: 129,606 people including members of organized crime itself.


Cooperation issues in politics set such as the protection and sustainable use of natural resources, biodiversity and climate change this through projects.

Cooperation in the area of climate change is a transverse issue that is based on the Mexican-German Alliance Project of Climate Change in which topics such as greenhouse gases, sustainable use of carbon sinks, deforestation emissions, as well asForest degradation.

For the realization of this treaty, the representatives of the German agencies that cooperate in Mexico were met by SEMARNAT, INECC, CONAGUA, PROFEPA, CONAFOR and CONANP. Mexico and Germany have held bilateral meetings, from President Adolfo López Mateos and until the last one made by former President Enrique Peña Nieto and Foreign Minister Merkel. The last visit reinforced Germany’s commitment, with the bilateral relationship with Mexico and the defense of shared values against the protectionist and nationalist policies of the United States. These two countries have collaborated, they share ideals, this relationship has allowed Mexico to grow in the automotive industry and also allowed to obtain seventh place as a world producer of vehicles, other important sectors are: pharmaceuticals, electronic, chemical and electrical industry;Within them, there is the exchange of products between the two countries.


Germany remains the most political and economically influential member nation of the European Union with a solid positioned economy as the largest fourth in the world and the largest in Europe, it is based on exports of high quality manufactured products. The combined value of exports and imports is equal to 86.9 percent of GDP. The applied average tariff rate is 2.0 percent. Germany implements a series of non -tariff barriers directed by the EU, including technical regulations and specific products, subsidies and quotas. Competitiveness and long -term investment are backed by the opening of world trade.

The bilateral relationship has been intensified in a way that in 2001 the Agreement of Economic Association, Political Concentration and Cooperation entered into force, also called the Global Agreement between Mexico and the European Union, of which Germany is the founding country and promoting increasinglyHis approach, reinforcing his commitment in 2015 again with the promotion of free trade, part of which Germany has recognized Mexico as a privileged partner supporting him on different occasions in development projects both within the country and Central America. Symbolizing a bridge between the Atlantic and the Pacific, Mexico allows access to large and important markets for many companies. Therefore, you can easily access the US market. UU. And investors enjoy various benefits, such as a lower expense in production and transportation. In addition to the Free Trade Agreement with Canada and the EE. UU. 

(NAFTA), Mexico focuses on other commercial partners. Mexico has many commercial agreements with more than 50 countries worldwide, including tax and tariff exemptions, among other benefits. An additional reason to invest in the Mexican market is national legislation. Guarantees dynamic work hours allowing high performance. Personnel are available with high qualifications and well -developed labor skills. The constant growth of education is one of the main factors appreciated by foreign investors.

It is important for Mexico to discover and develop new economic sectors. Therefore, it is essential that Germany and Mexico continue its successful commercial relationship in the industrial sector, explains Oliver Knoich of the German embassy in Mexico, talking about technology, industry and processes automation.


As a study, it is important to know the primary information of a country as well developed as Germany, in the same way, part of its history and important events that were of the main factors of its growth.

Starting a relationship with Mexico from the colonial era. And although since those times, the relationship between the two countries was seen, it was not until years after World War II that consolidated the Mexico – Germany relationship greater force. With the unification of Germany (at that time), from the 90’s, the main sectors that were benefited for the countries were the sectors: automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronic, chemical and electrical industry 

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