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Second-Year Student Personal Statement

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I am currently a second-year student undertaking computer science BSc (Hons) at the University of Bedfordshire from October 2012. I will be leaving this university at the end of my second year to join another one. I am a hardworking and motivated individual who delivers to the highest level of my potential, and I value the importance derived from working as a team member. I am able to handle challenges since they help shape my skills, knowledge, and abilities and thus perform effectively.

I am a reliable, honest, respectful, punctual, polite, and hardworking individual. I am also outgoing social and intuitive since I can work in a group and motivate other team members to achieve. I enjoy working with computers and most often study technology and its advancement. I enjoy learning about new things in nature, and my dream is to become a business person or a teacher.

I attended Lee Valley high school where I took BTEC in Introductory Diploma ART, Design and Media, and graduated with merit. This formed the basis for my passion for computer studies.

From Lee Valley High School, I was enrolled in the College of North East London (Conel) in the year 2007 to 2011. While studying at this institution I managed to undertake three courses in BTEC which included a national diploma IT and business, first diploma for ICT practitioners and an introductory diploma for IT at work. I also took courses in adult literacy and numeracy.

I have worked with Sam 99p store on a part-time basis, a position that equipped me with skills in financial management and dealing with customers through effective communication and good customer service in addition to organizational skills.

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I also worked with Greenfield children’s center in Waltham Cross in the year 2010 for a period of two weeks. Here, my key responsibilities involved looking after the children. I taught them how to use the computer, reading to them, playing and feeding them.

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