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Sleep is a period that the body and mind rests during

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Sleep is a period that the body and mind rests during which the desire and the consciousness are partially or completely abeyance and the body function being partially suspended. It is also a behavioral state that is marked by immobile posture and one that is diminished though the sensitivity is readily reversible to the stimuli that originate from the external environment. My curiosity to sleep has made me choose the topic such that I can work on it as part of the assignment. This is because the research shall assist me to be informative in the different areas that are involved with sleep. During my earlier childhood, my mother used to tell me that I need my sleep for me to grow. Logically, she meant that sleep offers significant values to the lives of the young ones as far their growth and development is concerned. Therefore, this paper shall be an exploratory research paper on sleep. The paper shall provide a detailed research on sleep, its importance and the disorders that are brought about by sleep.
The bodies of human beings do tell us that we need sleep. Therefore, as I carried out my explanatory research, I found out readily available information not only on the significance of having slept but also the need for quality sleep for both the young people and the elderly people in any given society (Anderson). Regardless of the age that one has, resting soundly has been labeled as a crucial variable for the change of one’s wellbeing and his passionate wellbeing. The elderly need quality sleep since it has impacts on their levels of concentration as they carry out their daily chores.

Wait! Sleep is a period that the body and mind rests during paper is just an example!

Therefore, in case the seniors in the society start to suffer from sleep problems, they will concentrate less on their daily roles of running the economy. This will have a negative impact on the development of the world’s economy. The low concentration will also make them make many errors in carrying out essential activities in the economy that need to be error free.
Similarly, from my research, I noted that sleep can be very helpful to the body as, during the process of sleep, the body tries to repair cells that have been damaged during the whole day. This will assist most members of the society in improving their intelligence levels since the destroyed cells shall be dealt with in the required manner (Anderson). On the same note, I found out that during the process of sleep, the immune system of people is refreshed. In the long run, this shall help the people who take quality sleep seriously to have a very strong immune system that shall prevent the body from being attacked by diseases and other infections that are based in the world.
I had a talk and interviewed many health practitioners on their views on sleep. The majority of them considered rest to be an indicator of a man’s wellbeing simply as they do gauge temperature. They guaranteed that the seniors in the general public and the elderly who need quality rest will probably have wretchedness, memory issues, over the top sluggishness, and flawed judgments among numerous different difficulties in their everyday running of their life. The health experts said that this particular group of people was likely to have a lower health threshold and mostly, they will apply over-the-counter sleep aids (Colrain). On the same note, they said that those who have insufficient sleep may be faced with an increased risk of the restless leg syndrome, hypertension, and breast cancer among women.
The research proved sleep is very important for women as compared to men in every society. This is on account of most unending conditions that are brought on rest are more normal in ladies and men. This may incorporate osteoarthritis and endless weariness disorder. Therefore, when the complications are combined with the hormonal changes that come about during the childbearing process, the women are challenged as they try to attain quality sleep (Colrain). The research showed that most adults need eight to nine hours of sleep per night for them to rest fully even though people have different sleeping needs. The study showed that as people age up, they have a tendency of sleeping less even though they have been allowed more time to sleep. This is because of the age-related physiological changes. This affects their ability to fall sleep asleep and to remain asleep.
The investigations come up with many factors that impact sleep. Stress and emotional strains will impact the quality of sleep negatively that one is required to enjoy. Along these lines, it should be managed precisely so as not exacerbate the situation and the prosperity of the seniors in the general public (Namazi and Alizadeh). Correspondingly, torment can adversely influence rest the quality and time that one dozes. Torment can be managed effectively amid the day since the adrenaline levels are higher thus individuals tend to feel more torment during the evening than amid the day. This negatively affects their sleeping time and the quality of sleep that the individual people enjoy. Similarly, pain makes people have difficulties in relaxing and in achieving sleep. On the same note, pain can cause disruption on sleep if those who are experiencing the pain rollover and insert pressure on a part of the body that is very sensitive. Along these lines, this effect of agony on rest should be looked upon carefully and with a receptive state. Sleep can be negatively affected by following poor living habits such as drinking caffeine during odd hours or alcohol drinking. On the same note, if someone wakes up at the different time each and every day and they do not value exercise; their shots of not resting soundly are extremely negligible. Similarly, some forms of medications and polypharmacy that do treat certain illness can complicate the quality of sleep that one is required to enjoy. Many medications are linked to insomnia, cold relief, and hormonal change. Therefore, the different medication complications do affect sleep quality negatively. Sleep habits do change due to dementia effects and neurological effects. This makes individuals confound their days and evenings making them rest an excessive amount of or not to have enough rest. This problem usually affects caregivers since they have to take care of Alzheimer hence the need for them to be more vigilant from time to time. Therefore, since the caregivers are adult children or spouses, they are posed with a risk of developing complications in their lifetime due to poor sleeping habits. Therefore, if the world governments can address the condition of sleep problem, the society will be able to make a difference in protecting the welfare of the caregivers and the loved ones in the society.
In my investigation, I came up with signs and symptoms of sleep disorders and sleeping problems. Everyone in the society does experience sleeping problems due to annoyance, minor and serious disorders. I found out that one needs to scrutinize his symptoms, especially for the daytime signs of sleep deprivation. Therefore, some of the symptoms that I came across during my investigation were when someone feels sleepy during the day, feel tired while driving, react slowly, often get told by others that they look tired, and they do have difficulty in concentrating (Paunio).
My research revealed that sleep conditions can come about due to sleep apnea that comes about due to when one’s breathing temporarily stops during the night sleep that is brought about due to blockage of the upper airways. Therefore, these pauses in breathing do interrupt sleep making one to wake up each and every time before the morning awakens (Paunio). The adult people may not notice apnea, awakenings, they might be exhausted during the day, depressed and their productivity will be very low. Consequently, sleep apnea is a life threatening disorder. It is, therefore, advisable that if you suspect that you are suffering from the disorder or one of your loved ones, you should visit a doctor right away. The restless legs syndrome is one of the sleeping orders that do cause an almost irresistible urge for one to move his legs or arms. The rest leg syndromes do occur when one is lying and is usually due to creep sensations.
Sleep can create a lot of curiosity to someone who wishes to carry out exploratory research on the topic. The above exploratory research paper clearly shows the major thing that take place while one is in sleep and the major sleep disorders that I came across during my investigation. In general, the paper shows the importance of having the quality sleep by both the elderly in the society and the young ones in the global world.
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