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Television & Society

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Television & Society
With the advancement in technology, at least every household owns a television. Families watching TV as they take supper in the evening has turned into a culture to most people. As a result, a lot is learned from television hence making it a social text. There are many programs about various social topics that inform the audience. Another factor that has led to the growth television as a social text is an appeal they impact on people by using good looking attractive persons and celebrities.
According to Danesi televisions, build on ideas know by people and then leads them to think more about them. There is a slight connection between this notion and info from NPR radio discussions because according to the broadcast, shows on television are usually about usual happenings (Deggans). However, they have a way of grasping individuals’ anticipation of what might happen next (Bianculli).
TVs have made conversations between people more interesting. Individuals that do not have the device tend to be boring as they run out of what to talk about. It is; therefore, correct to say that this form of media has led to an increase in the rate of socialization and interaction between people of diverse background (Miller).
TV has been a crucial instrument in bringing forth significant social progress in society. For instance, people have now gotten to believe that women too can be great and thriving in the careers that were prior men dominated (Gasper).

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In the various programs brought in our screens, women get to be empowered to go beyond the limits set by society (Happer and Philo 322). Televisions have had a tremendous positive impact since their invention; however, there are a few individuals that use the media to propagate negativity and unethical norms.
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