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Thalia is a Mexican songstress

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Thalia is a Mexican songstress, soap star as well as the wife to Tommy Mottola. The two market Macy’s brands. Her leopard jam suit appears to be the next hot item in town. Thalia makes the jam suit appear modern. It is cougar-is and it looks a bit familiar. The jam suit shows some kind of wildness as well as it looks sexy. By teaming up with Macy on the fashionable Thalia Sodi Collection that is conducted severally in a year, she brings up her effusive personality as well as her sultry Latina style. That launch will take place on week one of February. Just outside the launch, some of Macy’s stores will be selling their selection that contains over 200 stock keeping units.
Jeffrey Gennette, the presidency of Macy, says that the launch is the biggest launch involving private brands in the history of their company. Jeffrey further says that this was the first time they have launched classified brands in various categories such as dresses, tops and so on. Thalia, the husband and Macy take this launch very seriously. Currently, sixteen percent of the traffic at Macy’s is Latino. However, demographics say that in the next few years the number will increase to twenty percent. Hispanics are quite many as per the U.S census and are always conscious about their outfit as they spend more on their outfits as compared to other groups.
There is a commercial nature about Thalia Sodi for Macy’s since their fashion appears to be unique, flirty as well as focuses on evening outfits, animal prints and knits over woven to handle Latina curves.

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Thalia’s dresses are usually priced from 89.50 dollars to 99.50 dollars, tops between 49 to 59 dollars, and bottoms from 49 to 69 dollars.
Thalia and Tommy have worked together in music and acting projects as well as Thalia for Kmart that was short lived. Their career life together was after having met sixteen years before going on several dates and eventually getting married in the year 2000. Thalia is not a stylist and does not have cross-cultural recognition. She emphasizes the importance of having an animal print and the significance of gold as a spruce. She always wants to feel comfortable when she goes out.

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