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The biology of gender

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Introductory Definition to Gender
Gender and sex, the two terms that many people believe to mean the same thing, but that have diverse meaning. Gender is provided by nature while sex is provided to an individual by nurture. Simply put, sex is assigned to an individual long before birth, by either natural assignment of XX chromosome for a lady, or XY chromosome for a man for their genetical composition (Sterling 119). However, gender includes the socially assigned duty based on one’s sex. Ladies are supposed to dress, behave act and carry out duties that are quite distinct from boys. The social expectation of behaviour based on the sex of an individual makes up gender. Gender expression is the act of conforming to the social expectation of an individual based on their sex identity. This paper explores the biology of gender in relation to career choice and social expectations.
The Daily Use of the Topic
The term gender is commonly used whenever people want to differentiate a boy from a girl, in terms of physical behaviour characteristics. In many cases, society draws a thick line between boys and girls and then assigns them different roles. Everywhere, ladies and boys should have distinct characteristics. The society considers femininity as a gentle, and erroneously weaker compared to masculinity. As a result, various facilities can be made specifically for ladies and other for boys and men.
Though this may somehow be true owing to the higher strength of muscles in men’s body compared to that of the ladies, the differences between the ladies and the boys remain invariably less.

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Today, girls and boys have so many equalities in the society. Apart from the physical strength that is also not true all the time, ladies and boys share almost everything the same, including role taking in class, leadership positions, career choices and professional duties. Social differentiation ladies and men, therefore, become harder and harder every day, and the difference remains only in the biological books and records, and the few cases of physical differences.
Gender Influence on Future Career
Today, and possibly in the future, the differences between ladies and men as far as career roles are concerned are diminishing (Sterling 120). Ladies like men, can take on the once considered technical courses and careers like engineering, medicine, law and even computer science, and go ahead to deliver great results in them. The once considered ladies courses like home science, nursing and other have also seen men deliver great results in the related professions. This means that my choice, of course, cannot be influenced by my gender, but my personal desire to decide whom I become professionally when I grow up to become an adult.
Importance of Gender Knowledge
In the civilized nations, the majority of the people have realized the need to consider either gender as equal. However, some people who deliberately remain to be biased still think that some gender is superior. There is thus, the need for more sensitization, public education and understanding that the biological makeup of an individual should not be used to discriminate them. Boys and girls should be allowed to choose their career development plans without the consideration of the baseless arguments on the gender roles (Archer & Lloyd 2021).
Learned lesson and changed thoughts
People behave based on their social environments set up. From the formative years, a person is told that they are either a lady or a boy and so should dress in a given way; behave in a unique and even choose careers based on their sex and gender. This is not fair at all, and should be abolished as soon as possible. People should get equal consideration and the freedom to express their gender or not, remains their innate personal gift.
Work Cited
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