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the effects of exercises on the body

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The Effects of Exercises on the Body
Physical exercises have countless benefits on the body which help us feel better, have more energy and in the long run, live longer. According to Taylor, Albert et al, regardless of whether you are exercising to lose weight or reach any other fitness goal, exercise changes you (2).
Exercises increase your lung capacity or the VO2 max. This is because lungs require approximately 15 times more oxygen when exercising which increases breathing rate and the muscles around the lungs move faster (Flynn, Kathryn et al 1453). In addition, exercises also make the heart more efficient in pumping blood. When exercising, the body requires more oxygen which leads to increased heart rate as it circulates more oxygen. As a person works out harder and longer, there is increased heart ability (Barasan, Sibel et al 132).
According to McArdle, William et al, exercises results in bigger and stronger muscles. Exercises require glucose, stored in the form of glycogen, to produce the energy uses in muscle contraction and movement (87). The body also uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Once all ATP is used, more blood (oxygen) is pumped into the muscles to produce more ATP. This helps in the formation of muscles (88).
Additionally, exercises increase brain functioning. With exercises, there is the higher flow of blood to the brain. This makes the functioning of the brain cells be higher where a person acquires greater levels of alertness and focus (Hillman et al 63).

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Exercises also lead to opening up of skin pores. As one exercises and blood pressure rises, there is more need for the cooling effect that is done by the skin through the eccrine and apocrine glands.
Finally, exercise affects other body parts such as through greater blood filter in kidneys, dilated face skin surface after work out, smooth and easier joint movements, strengthened diaphragm, stomach and intestines discomfort. There are many effects to the body, from head to toe, which occur as a result of exercises.
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