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The impact of social media

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The Impact of Social Media on Children Behavior
Introduction the Danger of Social Media on Children Behaviour
Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, LinkedIn YouTube, Viber, Whatsapp and many others is the greatest parents’ headache when it comes to bringing up children. Before the introduction of the Internet and the smartphones to the social life, parents most feared cases of child addiction to drugs and unruly behaviour. In some cases, irresponsible sexual behaviour was the parents’ major nightmares to raising up majorly their daughters, and by extension their sons. However, today, all these negative consequences can be bundled together into one package and presented to the children in a funky smartphone that has internet Wi-Fi, sometimes at home or in the nearby cyber café. The addiction to social media presents a new dimension in child development, and it is clear parents are fast losing the game, seeing more children become social deviants right under their watch. This paper analyses the impacts of social media on the behaviour of children in the current society.
Reasons for the Choice of the Topic
Because, in many cases, parents are equal victims of children in the use of social media, with the only difference being the fact that they can more maturely control their appetite to the addictive system. In some cases, parents have the capability to avoid social media only because they have more responsibilities and need to attend to various events.

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To children, however, their resistance is very low, and with parents who similarly netted in the addiction to social media, nobody takes a watchful eye on the children (Kirsh 295). They are left on their own to defend themselves once the parents but them the digital devices as presents and sets for them unregulated internet at home.
Social media has very few observable addictive consequences. The fact that children can combine their time on social media with other duties like reading, dong their assignment, walking, playing and all the duties they are given, parents will not realize that the child is distracted at all. However, the impacts on the occasional and partial engagement on the social media are far reaching. It is until the terminal behavioral change is realized in the children when the parents conclude that they have lost their children to social media. In lesser cases, the children social withdrawal may be a too late pointer to the parent that the social media impact has been hard hitting on the child. In some serious cases, the parent to the child may not even have the time to respond to the child dangerous behaviour change, and may only realize when fatalities occur, unfortunately (Olorunnisola 332).
Negative Impacts of social media
Social media contributes to Low grades
Social media causes students and pupils in the school going age to register lower grades in their studies. When pupils and students re allowed using social media for long periods of time, they end up spending more time on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at the expense of reading and learning(Oswaldo15). Before they realize it, they find the term has passed, and they have not read enough. When the exams are brought, they register very low grades. If social media were not available, they would have spent more time reading and so would pass their examinations well.
Social Media Makes People Egocentric
When people use social media, they find it hard to share with their friends and relative some items that should be shared. Social media users use strong passwords and patterns on their phones that block anybody from using such devises. Inside such phones and tables, they want to hide some photos and communication that they don’t want many people to know (Olorunnisola 63). The photos and possibly videos are shared privately through social media. If there were no social media, people would be more social a share more openly. This would reduce the level of egocentrism.
Social Media Leads To Wastage of Time
When people spend so much time on social media, they end up not doing what they are supposed to do. The fact that they substitute their studies for social media or their house chores for social media means they waste time. At work, many people want to spend more time on social media like Facebook, and not work at all. This surmounts to stealing the company’s time. If social media were not there, people would concentrate on what is most important, thus making good use of time (Olorunnisola 213).
Social Media Causes Early Dating and Unwanted Pregnancies
Because Facebook allows teenagers to have private chats, they can easily enter into dating. The type of discussion they have privately through the social media private messages will make them want to meet physically. To arrange for the physical meeting is also very easy, through chat. Leven in the presence of parents, teenagers can make a date. This means that the moral values have been degraded because of social media. If social media was not there, teenagers would be more modest, and would channel their social issues through their parents to ask for permission (Olorunnisola 214).
Social media Cause school dropout
The combined effects of poor performance and the moral decadence make many school going pupils and teenagers to hate school. When the failing continues, teenagers see no sense of continuing with their school. At the same time, they will use more of social media trying to look for consolation. The more they get distressed, the more they run deeper into social media. In the end, they find people who convince them to run away from the frustrations brought about by the teachers and the parents. When they leave school, they seek accommodation from such people. With that, they drop out of school.
Positive effects of social media
Social media provides easy channel to market products and services
Since one has a large following, it is a very easy to tell them what one have to offer, what you want to sell and what you want to buy. With such a market, many people have sold so many products without even taking the paid version of social media advertisements. This is a good impact on social media since it creates the market for the sale and buying of products and services. The results are improved standards of living among the people who use social media for such purposes.
Easy to communicate, lowers communication costs
Social media is cheaper to communicate. Instead of one incurring a lot of money on making phone calls or posting portal letters, they can just use the free social media. Through the modern chat systems on social media like palm chat, Whatsapp chat, Snapchat, people can even share information on real time(Heider and Jalongo 715). This is far better than the traditional letters and sending of errands. The telephone is also slowly integrated into the social media platform. Some social media have provided free call services like Skype, line and Viber. These are positive milestones achieved through social media.
Brings happiness in one community
Social media also can strengthen the social bond between the members of a given community. There is easy communication, easy sharing. People even share their plans, aspirations and emotion on social media. This whole net of togetherness causes people to be more sociable than never before. With the use of social media, it is very easy to give advice, and counseling to the distressed, and join in the happiness of the jovial. Without social media, it would be hard even to know that celebration events exist within the community.
Social Media Is a Source of Good News
Social media is also a source of news. Through almost instant posts of the new events happening in other sectors of the social divide, people can get it almost instantly when shared on social media. As a result, the use of social media also has advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how one uses the tool, either to advance or to deteriorate.
Depending on how one uses social media, the use can either be positive or negative. Positive use of Social media brings about development in the society. Aspects of social media like strengthening of the community ties, ease of communication and cheap advertisements improves the quality of life. Other aspects of social media, however, are negative. The use of social media to degrade morality among the youth is very disturbing. Moreover, it leads to moral decadence. School dropouts’ waste of constructive and increased egocentricity is some of the factors that make social media bad in the society. Social media is the new form of addiction. It is stronger and worse compared to the traditional addictive drugs. Social media can take away the children from their parents socially, mentally and psychologically, only leaving the parents with the physical child. Unfortunately, parents are defenseless in the need to protect their children against social media either because they are also victims, or they are totally ignorant of the dangers of social media to the children. There is an urgent need, therefore, for parents to retrace their family roles, and avoid leaving their children to be raised up by social media.
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