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Attitude and Behaviors of the successful people

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Attitude and Behaviors of the Successful People
Attitude and Behaviors of the Successful People
Psychologists provide that achieving success is based on how people think of success. It involves modifying own behavior to align to goals and objectives. The article provides an overview of the attitude and behaviors of the successful people through providing the historical overview of concepts of belief and behavior, operational definition, and implications and consequences of the idea of attitude and behavior today.
Historical Overview
Attitude involves a set of beliefs or emotions towards a particular person, object, or ideology. Behavior is an action towards an object or person. According to psychological perspectives, attitude influences behavior. Psychologists believe that attitude is a psychological tendency involving using specific ways of evaluating things (Talih akkaya & Gölbaşi şimşek, 2017). It has cognitive, effective, and behavioral component. It is formed by factors like experience, learning, and social issues.
Attitude and behavior have a relationship which involves attitude changing to match behavior. The relationship is based on the strength of experience, knowledge, repetition, favorable outcomes, cost, and benefit. The cognitive dissonance theory is among the theories that explain the relationship between attitude and behavior. Also, some of the key figures in psychology that provided insights on the issue include Leon Festinger, Gordon Alport, Daniel Katz, Icek Ajzen, and Russell H.

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Operational Definitions
Attitude and behavior in successful people involve emotions, beliefs, and actions that make one set and meet personal, professional or career goals. According to B.F Skinner, it is possible for a person to achieve success by modifying behavior and operant conditioning (Talih akkaya & Gölbaşi şimşek, 2017).
According to research evidence, successful people are highly tactical, relationship-oriented, compassionate, and creative. People associate success with different things. For example, while some measure it based on material things, others use inward fulfillment. Admittedly, the definition of success has changed based on generations (Talih akkaya & Gölbaşi şimşek, 2017). Research shows the concepts of attitude and behavior often affects working male and female class between 40 and 50 years.
Implications and Consequences of Concept Today
In contemporary society, the concepts of attitude and behavior help in creating behavior modification strategies that can help in aligning attitude towards actions, beliefs, and emotions that align towards the achievement of success. Behavioral modification is a common concept in psychology and aids in learning and change management.
Talih Akkaya, D., Akyol, A., & Gölbaşi Şimşek, G. (2017). The Effect of Consumer Perceptions on Their Attitude, Behavior and Purchase Intention in Social Media Advertising. Marmara University Journal of Economic & Administrative Sciences, 39(2), 361–387.

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