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Business English at Work

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Business English at Work
Business management is a career that I am interested in pursuing. It involves ensuring that a business is doing well to meet financial and operational goals. I chose this career since I want to ensure that companies prosper. It is also my desire to start my own business and business management skills would allow me to operate it with ease. It is a career that offers opportunities for growth and expansion. There are various steps that I need to follow for me to achieve my career goals. Education and training are required in this career, and I have enrolled in a degree program to sharpen my skills. After completing the degree program after four years, I will seek for attachment opportunities to gain the relevant experience in this field. The last step is to find for an employment opportunity with a company requiring my skills to help manage the business.
My career choice is business management. A business manager is an individual who is responsible for driving the work of other people for it to run as expected and earn massive profits. A business manager needs to have an operational knowledge or be a specialist in finance, public relations and marketing. A business manager may also have expertise in law, computer programming and even science. Also, a business manager ensures that a business is running successfully. A manager is responsible for supervising business affairs and also handle financial matters of business correctly.

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Business managers also hire, train and evaluate new employees and make sure that a company is working well towards accomplishing its financial goals. This position may also be involved in developing and implementing budgets preparing reports meant for the high-ranking management and ensure that employees comply with policies. Business managers must ensure that employees have the relevant resources to carry out their tasks (Lindell 1).
I would like to pursue a career in business management to help businesses grow. Most companies struggle to run smoothly and making reasonable profits. I desire to become a person who helps companies to improve and expand. I also decided to pursue this career since it is my dream to start my own business and having business management skills will allow me to handle and grow the business. This is a field that has excellent opportunities for growth.
The first step is pursuing an education. I am currently pursuing bachelors in business management. The completion of this degree program after four years will be vital in achieving my desired career goal. The second step involves looking for opportunities to work in the capacity of a business manager in various companies after completing my degree program to gain the necessary experience. After my attachment program which will take up to one year, I will start to look for a job with a company that meets my standards.
Works Cited
Lindell, James. Controller as Business Manager., 2014. Print.

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