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The Major Colleges And The Spanish University In The Middle Ages And In The Modern Age

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The Major Colleges and the Spanish University in the Middle Ages and in the Modern Age


The Middle Ages begins in the 5th century with the Roman Empire. It is discussed if there is censorship that separates the Middle Ages from the Roman Empire and some people respond that, overestimating the importance of invasions. Others, on the contrary, say no, considering the Roman tradition more important (Romero, 2013). This is over with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.


The Middle Ages is a military period that suffered many invasions and conquests (Marino, 2018). Modern Age is a historical period that starts in the fifteenth century and ends in the 18th century. According to some authors, its beginning is a cause of the Take Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire and the end of the Roman Empire of the East.

On the other hand, according to other authors, the beginning began with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. The end occurs with the French Revolution. It is considered an era of strengthening the ideals of progress, communication and nation that are considered the values of modernity.

Keywords: Roman empire, military period, invasions, conquests, ideals, modernity.

Major schools were an institution that gave university training of major degrees (degree and doctorate). In addition, it gave accommodation to students from other cities. The origin of the major schools comes from the still existing school of San Clemente for the Spaniards in Bologna, created by Cardinal Gil de Albornoz in 1365.

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These emerged as teaching and training and residence centers, some fortunate. In Spain, the first major school, the first of the Spanish universities emerged in Salamanca, was that of San Bartolomé.

Most important schools.

The most important schools are six in total. First, we find the foundation of ´santa Cruz´ de Valladolid, founded by Don Pedro Gonzalo de Mendoza. In Salamanca two schools were created. On the one hand the ´Cuenca´ founded by Diego Ramírez and Fernández and, on the other hand, that of ´san Salvador´ by Diego Miguez de Bendaña. Other schools were that of ´fonseca´ and the one of ´san Ildefonso´. To these we must add the first school that was created that it was that of San Bartolomé (2019)


The characteristics of the Middle Ages are divided into five. First, the regime they have is authoritarian and their internal life is very intense. In addition, teachers taught classes in schools although exams must do them at university. Their professional training intensified and the pedagogical system based its standards on austerity and work.

Universities in the Middle Ages

 The students went to the University at age 14 and moved to prestigious cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Toulouse, Bologna, Paris, Salamanca, etc. There, they studied in the faculties of arts, law, medicine or theology. For example, arts students have different disciplines for 6 years divided into two: Trivium and Quadrivium.

A teacher taught the classes reading aloud while the students took notes. The exams were carried out when the student sought to get a title. The basic one that was the Baccalaureate, followed by the Master who provided the IUS located Docnci, gave the right to be a professor at any University of Christianity.

Methodology of universities in the Middle Ages

The methodology was divided into two parts. On the one hand, the lesson and on the other the dispute. The first was a reading where they commented official texts that served as the basis in each discipline. The second was an oral debate where they defended or debate concrete theses.

Major schools in the Modern Age

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Salamanca Colegio Mayor, constituted one of the symbolic references of Spanish culture, the rest of the schools gave rise to what are called minor universities against the aforementioned elderly. The children of the aristocracy and the nobility had more chances of accessing them.

Universities in the Modern Age

Universities were approved in 1475. The universities of the Crown of Aragon were that of Barcelona, that of Girona, that of Huesca, that of Lleida and that of Perpignan before 1475. Between 1475 and 1600 those of Gandía, Orihuela, Tarragona, Valencia, Vic and Zaragoza were approved. Between 1600 and 1700 that of Mallorca, Solsona and Tortosa were approved. Finally, between 1700 and 1800 they approved that of Cervera.

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