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The role of race, ethnicity, and gender in the modern society

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The Role of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Modern Society
It is quite difficult for some people to distinguish between race and ethnicity, with some people assuming the two terms to be synonymous. Race refers to the people who share common biological characteristics. For example, being a white person means that you belong to the same race with all other whites. Other possible characteristics of people in the same race include, but are not limited to skin color, height, hair color, and eyes color. When people share such common characteristics, they are believed to be of the same race. On the other hand, ethnicity means that people belong to a similar cultural heritage. Examples of ethnicity are Mexican, Egyptian and Jewish. People of the same ethnic group mostly share the same genetic traits, traditions and religion. There are some religious groups that are associated with wealth while others are associated with poverty. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles that are assigned to men and women. For example, women are traditionally known to be home makers, whereas men are breadwinners. In most cases, people confuse sex and gender. Sex refers to the physical-biological characteristics that differentiate a man and a woman.
Looking at the current economic times, it is important to consider gender, ethnicity and race as some of the key factors that should be considered when discussing economic issues. Gender roles and expectations have put too much pressure on our population, thus leading to notable social issues.

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Problems such as bulimia and anorexia are associated with the girl child. These conditions are coming up since our girls are expected to behave in a certain way. This is why we find girls enrolling in weight gain or weight loss programs. This in return leads to unhealthy and unproductive population this putting too much pressure on the economy. Gender roles and expectations also differ depending on the race and ethnicity. For instance, the whites will not go through the same pressure as the blacks. Also, people in a certain religion are not expected to behave in the same way as in another religion.
Race, ethnicity and gender have an influence on the socio-economic status of different places. The behavior associated with different people has an impact on health, resources, education, wealth and income. There has been a difference in social class depending on the race and ethnicity of a certain group. Some of the problems that are experienced in the world are associated with race, ethnicity and gender. Speaking of pollution that is an economic concern, race and ethnicity will not be left behind. For instance, discrimination based on race and ethnicity leads to overcrowding that causes environmental pollution. People who share a common social problem tend to inhabit the same neighborhood thus leading to growing of slums and other poor neighborhood. In such case, the crime rate is high due to poverty.
In the modern world, people need to understand the effects of race, ethnicity and gender. These are critical areas that have led to discrimination in schools, work places and in health centers. People need to understand that they are all equal regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. If people live together in harmony, there will be the reduction in pollution, wars and mortality rate, resulting in improvements in the economy.


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