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Starting with a cliché, time is the healer of all wounds. The related adage is time and tide wait for no-one. The basic concept is the flow of time carries all debris forward, cleansing, healing and making life go on. So since it disperses all energies it does so with both negative and positive, trying to integrate collective consciousness and making one grow detached with more and more experiences, till the core essence is realized and achieved as the state of being.
Time and Collective Time
Time is said to hold all impressions, expressions, patterns, mosaic and tapestry of life, permutations and combinations, within its infinitely divisive nature, thus making each pattern subjectively and relatively, limited to each other, but uniquely and by self perspective, having its own infinity, eternity and absolutism, the last far from being rigid. This absolutism is holding instead in its uniqueness, by being able to filter through all patterns in the realm of existence. It is the basis from which the whole universal or omni-versal or the core essence of whole existence is realized, in its detached form, which the saints, mystics and spiritual masters and leaders and philosophers, monks, saviors and sages say being free from everything, i.e.the total liberation of soul and spirit. Time in its divisions contain all incarnations, each with their infinite patterns, each pattern having its own infinite aspect. This is the personality side of human and whole nature. It contains the physical, material and biological, with all its myriad emotions, feelings, and sensations.

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The logical and rational aspect which we call the mind, and when combined with the emotional, we have the creative aspect. The integrative Time gives the personality collective or its essence, forwarding itself to the soul and spirit essence and then the divine. This is where we have the space and space-time manifestations. This is where the national, race, ethnicity, community, class, caste, culture and traditions and all collective identities, each to whole essence are stored.
Time in its sobriety, structuring, and tortuous progress through hardships and responsibility, is said to be the work of Father Time, signified by Saturn in astrology. Its counterforce is Uranus, which is an electrifying force, showing all the quirks and rebellion of nature’s manifestation, disturbing its comfortable zone through space and time, for better or for worse. Both have their productive and destructive sides. The counteracting nature itself can bring in the balanced effect, but it has to be the positive side of one with the negative of another. If both counteracting forces occur in their negative shade, then all hell break loose.
My Personal Experience
Stemming from my personal experience, the most recent event which I can recall, is the death of my father, last year in November. Saturn had a way of preparing me. Dad was growing old, decaying and vegetating with time, we both needed liberation from the degenerative, vicious aspects, but speaking at least for myself I was not prepared for his death, a complete separation from him, at the biological or earthly level, always feeling his presence, guiding me, holding me literally and metaphorically, on this mundane plane with its tremendously disturbing forces. The release came suddenly with him dying, and that was the work of Uranus, electrifying, chaotic, disturbing, tossing and throwing me over the ocean of life and overboard. Hence Uranus in counteracting with Saturn, just threw me from one negative to another. It was not for the balancing effect reasons, as per the given set of circumstances. The separation still calls for going back to the individual and to the general father and daughter relationship essence. It does not mean the vicious decaying effects need to be recurring, but the transformation which would take for both parties accordingly to levels earthly and other worldly, or just the other world itself, to ease out the pain. Death has created a deep and profound wound, trauma and shock, which seem beyond recuperation right now. This whole chasm, of time carrying forward with life, has just managed to propel me in front, with the wounds being pushed constantly back and back and suppressed and repressed, without the sense of being held at its productive core. Yes time can also heal the wounds in this life or level, or through transformation of energy to another plane, but it has to be brought about by a qualitative change or through all the pain of experience being accompanied by the detachment force and the essence of existence being the state of manifestation.
My father’s death has been a shock additionally due to the complete emotional bonding and dependence I shared with him. It was more than the general principle of individual and broad scale of father and daughter bonding. The unique patterns were of a huge profound and intense and completely loving nature. It was as if I never grew up, never wanted to or needed to. I came back always to that protective circle of guiding principle. The day of dad’s demise is still shocking to me. The whole day was spent with usual interaction, with shares of ups and downs, due to his general age old regressive condition, but still within the holding life cycle pattern, as grown normal under the situation. It was evening, we had our usual tea, and after fifteen minutes or so, I went near him, which I did from time to time, I found his mug of half-drunk tea, and his head slumped sideways. I called him thinking him to be asleep, but in vain. I knew this time there would be no awakening, it was the end. The next thing I found myself doing, in a numb and wooden condition, is cremating him with the specific religious rituals. Until the day I keep asking, that have I grown up all so sudden, that my father has completely abandoned me? This is nothing but the deep wounds of time which keep you in slavery and bondage within a certain range of operation.
Other Experiences
There have been other experiences of death and life itself, where time has proved to be a healer or otherwise. The death of near and dear ones, particularly parents, father, and mother are most traumatic and difficult to heal within the life cycle itself, for an individual. You feel your life has ended, and you cannot take it in anymore, and need to go beyond this life, that is death at this point, so that time can show its healing power through transformation of energy and plane to another realm. Your coping mechanism needs to be strong to deal with the current life situation, and that is where accordingly time can help or hinder you.
My first brush with death in a personal sphere was my maternal grandpa, and then about four years later my paternal grandma. These deaths had created confusion, depression, and questions, but my youth and the extremes of old age of my grandparents had somehow made Time to intervene as a healer to a certain extent. My parents still had their protective halo around me. But depression and life’s detachment forces were taking shape, but it was the tug-of-war at this stage, with the pull towards all directions, life, and death simultaneously here.
There were two traumatic incidents of death, in my young adult stage. One was an acquaintance of seven years of age who suddenly died at her school grounds playing, due to a congenital heart condition. Although this was put behind, and also went through some healing, the whole question of life took a violent turn from there onwards. There was a big break from trying to enjoy and relate to life with all hardships. All seemed an illusion, and no time could heal that wound and make me turn in a different direction.
Another death was a brother figure in my neighborhood, who died at 40, leaving behind a family, wife and a very small son. That was a complete turn towards the other world, which persists till today. Here the pain of my brother’ death, kind of transformed into a soul energy, where time healed, a lot of life’s problems on the way, depending on this soul brother entity, and helped me to grow with detachment whatever pain came my way.
Life itself is full of shocks. Relatives and friends in guise creating blockages, you discovering yourself as having a lot of undesirable hidden parts in you, not being able to keep up with the competition, unhappiness in others’ lives, like broken marriages, astray children, etc all can imbibe a hell of a lot of traumatic experiences within you, and time instead of healing just viciously captures you in this web of sickness.
Collective time can heal all wounds once you can grow away from the personality, attachments and desires, bondages and go by the soul and spirit essence. But that itself can prove to be hugely challenging under the circumstances.

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