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Tobacco smoking must be banned

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Tobacco smoking must be banned
Tobacco smoking involves inhalation of burned tobacco. Unlike other drugs, tobacco is often solely smoked. As a matter of fact, tobacco smoking in the U.S. is among the greatest causes of death. The practice also results in various lethal diseases. It is important to note tobacco smoking has been noted in people of all ages. In fact, there are also individuals below the age of 18 that indulge in tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoking should be banned in the same way as other drugs.
As prior mentioned, tobacco smoking is the greatest cause of death in the U.S. Tobacco smoking has a lethal effect on one’s respiratory system. Fore mostly, tobacco smoking often exposes individuals to cancer. Today, a good number of tobacco smokers risk contracting lung cancer. Lung cancer affects the most important part of the body thus leading to death in most instances (White 99). Additionally, tobacco smoking may also cause cancers in other parts of the body such as the kidney, throat, and stomach, among others (Haustein 194). It is also necessary to note that tobacco smoking may accentuate the symptoms of prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and diabetes thus death. For these reasons, tobacco smoking should be banned. Indeed, John Mellencamp acknowledges the lethality of tobacco smoking, “You know, it was cigarettes that killed Jerry Garcia. Everyone thinks it was heroin but, it wasn’t. It was cigarettes.”
Besides lung cancer, tobacco smoking may have other negative effects on one’s lungs.

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Inhaling tobacco content may cause Chronic Pulmonary Disease. Often, this disease restricts an individual from normal breathing. The disease affects one’s airways and walls in the lungs. Chronic Pulmonary Disease results in extreme mucus formation thus hindering air from moving in and out of the lungs. The disease affects people of all ages, however; dire symptoms begin to show during adult. Therefore, it is important to note that young smokers risk contracting Chronic Pulmonary Disease during their adulthood. Tobacco smoking should be banned to avoid contracting the disease.
Tobacco smoking also affects the heart thus cardiovascular problems. The practice increases one’s heart rate hence increasing blood pressure. An increase in blood pressure often leads to dysfunctional blood vessels. Interfering with the blood vessels may result in a limited supply of oxygen throughout one’s body. Also, carbon monoxide emitted from tobacco may negatively affect blood supply hence the lack of enough oxygen in the body. Other cardiovascular problems caused by smoking include heart diseases and stroke, among others (White 184). Lack of oxygen in the body easily leads to death thus tobacco smoking should be banned. A French author once acknowledged the deadly nature of smoking. “My smoking might be bothering you but, it’s killing me.”
Moreover, tobacco smoking may cause infertility and impotence (Haustein 197). In fact, an interviewee for a campaign against smoking once said, “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” Men that indulge in tobacco smoking are more prone to impotence as compared to non-smokers. Often, men that experience erectile dysfunction are at risk of being impotent. In the same way, female tobacco smokers are bound to experience infertility and barrenness. The content in tobacco often affects ovaries, estrogen as well as blood flow in the uterus. Consequently, weakening the uterus thus miscarriages and eventually, infertility. Expectant women are also required to desist from smoking due to the above reasons. The harmful tobacco contents such as nicotine may either harm the baby or result in an underdeveloped child. The underdevelopment may be due to disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Tobacco smoking should be banned to save the lives of these adults; as well as those of the unborn fetus (White 202).
Conversely, research has also depicted that there are health benefits of tobacco smoking (Gilman, Sander & Xun 38). As a result, there are individuals that oppose banning of tobacco. Firstly, research has delineated that smoking reduces the possibilities of surgical processes. To be precise, smokers are less prone to knee surgeries. The nicotine present in tobacco often assists in strengthening the joints thus fewer chances of surgery. Smoking also helps in preventing individuals from related diseases such as arthritis. Therefore, some individuals refute the banning of tobacco. They propose on the prior mentioned grounds thus support the legality of tobacco smoking (Haustein 12).
It is also clear to note that most individuals in society have weight problems. A prominent writer acknowledged the issue of tobacco smoking, “But cheer up. We could be selling tobacco. It’s not like software kills people if used as intended.” Often, people feel ashamed and insecure when they possess certain body types. It is speculated that tobacco smoking limits the chances of obesity thus its proposition. According to research, the content in tobacco acts inhibits one’s appetite. Smoking is also believed to tamper with the taste buds; thus negatively affecting the taste of food. For this reason, most people do not yearn to consume the food. These health benefits resulted in proposition rather than the opposition to tobacco smoking.
According to Neurological studies, tobacco smoking may prevent an individual from contracting Parkinson’s disease. The studies delineate Nicotine as the sole contributor to this effect. However, there are also other components in tobacco that assist one in preventing the disease. Additionally, tobacco smoking improves cognition issues in an individual. Various studies show that nicotine may act as a stimulant thus improving concentration. It may also positively affect an individual’s memory by preventing eliminating chances of amnesia. Regardless of the long-term effects of tobacco smoking, some individuals refute the banning of tobacco smoking.
Other studies have depicted that tobacco smoking reduces the chances of contracting bowel problems. Diseases such as colitis may be less prevalent in smokers rather than non-smokers. Often, colitis results in an inflammation of one’s colon. Doctors reckon that tobacco smoking on a daily basis greatly assists in reducing the chances of colitis. However, it is necessary to note that tobacco smoking is a prevention rather than treatment measure for the disease (Haustein 12). Such benefits have influenced certain individuals in opposing the ban on tobacco. In fact, in the 19th century, an individual named Jesse Torrey gave his opinion on the same, “We shall not refuse tobacco the credit of being sometimes medical, when used temperately, though an acknowledged poison.”
This is paper has clearly explored the propositions and oppositions apropos of tobacco smoking. It is clear to note that there are more negative effects as compared to the slight benefits of tobacco smoking. In point of fact, it is important to learn that most of the benefits are mere speculations. Even doctors do not recommend tobacco smoking while treating some of their patients. The doctors clearly understand the predicaments brought by excess tobacco smoking. For weight issues, individuals are advised to exercise and observe good eating habits to avoid being overweight. Being overweight easily leads to obesity thus some people may resort to tobacco smoking to eliminate chances of obesity. Regardless of the benefits, tobacco smoking is dangerous to one’s health thus like other drugs; it should be banned.
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