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turn around and looking at everyone when you inside the elevator

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Elevator experience
While being in the elevator, one can experience many different feelings. One of them is a fear since many are the times when accidents happen in the elevator and the accidents are very deadly.
Fear is seen in most people and that is why some people are seen to be shaken while they are using the elevator. You can see some people trying to support themselves on the walls since they are very afraid of using the elevator. In some cases, the elevator gets struck in the middle and many people get really scared in such a situation since they don’t know what to do. I have witnessed many people breaking into tears when the elevator stuck since they thought that they would not get out of it. Other people were praying to God and some were even confessing their sins. I found it very funny since we were able to know unimaginable things that had been done by those people. The funniest thing about it was that they were doing it out loud yet they were not afraid of what people could find out about them.
Personally I experience the fear every time new people get into the elevator when we get to a new floor. That is because the elevator is a closed place and I have heard of several cases when people were killed while being in the elevator. In most cases we share the elevator with people that we do not known. So, no wonder we tend to get very scared while being in the elevator since we do not know with whom we are sharing it.

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