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W3Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review

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Charleston, South Carolina Case Study Review
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The symptoms, diagnosis and the cure and the prevention
Joseph Riley, mayor of Charlestown, guided the change in the American downtown. Spectacular changes result from well-implemented thoughts through political processes. The poor state of Charleston helped her to evade the constructive destruction of the time. First arrivals of Charleston faced conflict and bloodshed from the Native Americans, British, French, and Spanish. The appearance of the different groups coupled with African slaves and pirates led to the multicultural environment right from the beginning. Granted religious freedom from John Locke, in the constitution, changed the social fabric of the city that remained ever since. Natural calamities like hurricanes and earthquakes have influenced the architecture of the town to the formation of embankments and fortifications (Richard 2011).
To maintain people’s connectedness and the social setup, Riley advocated for retention of public centers, public plazas and reconstruction of pedestrian malls. The mayor dedicated himself to giving the people of Charleston access to public parks and spaces which according to him the public owned the birthright. Maintain his social vision for the people, houses got built with doors and windows facing the streets essential for the public realm. Roads are designed to hold two-way traffic to reduce the speed of the moving engines, making both the motorist and the pedestrian safer, and creating time to enjoy the scenic city while driving on its streets.

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According to Richard Jackson, (2013) dependence of fossil fuel for navigation, limited walking space and lack of access to green parks, gardens, and trails, constitute a part of pollution. These were among the key factor Riley considered while designing the coastal city of Charleston.
What philosophy guided the whole project?
The philosophy of creating of creating a healthy community for the future generation guided Riley while formulating long-term goals and motivated him to wake up early every day headed for work. He argues that good health has to be worked on to get achieved, same with making good choices and designing a safe place. Intelligence, creativity and good political leadership according to him are the propellers of turning filthy sites to habitable suitable and healthy for the people. Who handled the ideas/brainstorming?
Visions of the mayor guided got put into plans and implemented over a long time. They acted tactically in the immediate undertaking to ensure the vision towards the goal got kept in touch. Since his resume of the mayor seat in 1976, Riley relentlessly worked to drive his mission and ideas for the city. He knew what the cause of constructive destruction was and wanted to prevent his city from its effects. Riley would share his ideas with other mayors during their meeting that they all agreed were good plans to get implemented. Joe loved his work and was proud of his community and impressed with the progress. Joe believed that it took effort to attain good health, making healthy decisions and designing safe places. To implement these values, right political leadership, creativity, and perseverance to transform difficult areas for human survival need to be emphasized.
Who or what affected the project?
The changes were politically mitigated by Joe for about a third of the century. Bloodshed at the beginning during the formation of the city with the initial letters led to the multicultural environment of the city. Restoration of the old archeology into habitable places made the place a scenery and attractive place for tourists. Housing plans for the city that catered for everyone are among the things that lead to setting and attainment of peace within the multi-ethnic city. Natural calamities such as hurricanes, summer heat and earthquakes affected the design and fortification of the Charleston.
Who did the construction/implementation?
After having all the plans in place, the job of implementing the project required labor and tactical strategy for short and long-term goals. Riley then created the (LCD), Local Development Council for the city for providing low- interest capital for starting small businesses. A partnership with the private developers helped undertake projects aimed at business expansion in tourism, shopping, medical services and intake of technology. Mayor ensured that the people were close enough to pollinate each other’s idea, encouraging their connectedness that acted in favor of community building.
Ideas used by Riley in restoring the downtowns of California gain interest among leaders and citizens. He aimed at restoring what had been built, and best practices that maintained the green, livable, and thriving. The architects helped in designing the buildings constructed by the contractors specialized to meet the people’s need while preserving the environment.
Who run the project now?
The spirit of restoration and conservancy got instilled in the minds of the people of Charleston. The Mayor knew in setting the first foot right, and it was what the community would follow and aim at achieving. The diverse mixed culture, different economic levels and standards of living make the healthy interplay in the high and the low-income earners creating the interdependence. Riley argues that with the right agents put in place, the ecosystem get restored to former life (Charleston, 2015).
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