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Which Is The Shear Of Sheep Wool

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Which is the shear of sheep wool

The shear of sheep is a work of great importance in every farm and must be carried out every year in most races with the aim of maintaining their health and hygiene. The shearing is not a simple task, but it is an art. The person who performs it must be careful not to cause damage to the animal and to take advantage of the entire possible wool. When this process is not carried out properly, large amounts of wool can be lost.

Why is it important?

When the sheep accumulate wool in their body, it prevents them from regulating their body temperature correctly. Being able to cause overheating and even death. Remains of food, urine and feces remains can be accumulated in the wool if it is not hesitated as it should. This ends by attracting flies, worms and other pests, causing infections and irritations in the animal. A sheep with large amounts of wool can hardly move easily, this becomes more prone to predatory attacks.

How to achieve a good shear of sheep?

Remove your diet and water the night before. It is essential to achieve a good sheared that sheep do not eat or drink anything from the previous day. This will prevent fecal and urine pollution on the cutting floor. Wool will come out much cleaner and sheep will be much easier to maneuver.

Prepare the sheared area

It is important to be cautious and prepare at least a few hours before the place where the sheep will be crowded. Having electricity running properly and prepared extension cables will help expedite the process.

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If it’s a sunny day, it will always be better to choose a shadow zone. In addition, it is necessary to place bags or boxes where the wool can then be stored.

Maintain the necessary hygiene and safety measures

For a good sheared, clean and disinfected blades cannot be missing. If any of the sheep has tested positive in any type of infectious disease, it is important to inform the shelling so that it can take the necessary measures. Have a garbage container nearby. You can never miss a garbage container on site where sheep will be crowded. There you can throw the hair wool fleeons, with blood, skin pieces, heavy labels or pollution elements. 

And finally, spend the necessary time to your sheep to meet you. Detect any kind of bulk, problem in your skin that could affect the sheared. Just taking into account what is written above you can get a high quality wool.

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