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Adoption… Adoption gives children a chance to have a better life.

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Adoption Gives Children a Chance to Have a Better Life
Arguably, adoption is one of the best practices in life. Whereas the adopted children may lack biological attachment with their new families, adoption gives them a second chance of having a new life and family. Moreover, such opportunities make them comfortable in many ways. Unlike children who remain in care centers, the adopted child gets a suitable environment for their healthy growth (Bettany and Ben 2045). According to Bettany and Ben (2060), for one to be allowed to adopt a child, authorities consider whether the family has a conducive environment and resources that can make the child comfortable. Therefore, adoption will give children access to needs like clothes and food. Adoption will also give them parental love, leading to psychological satisfaction. In fact, their parents would strive to give them the best to fit in the society. Besides, they would strive to show that they are capable of taking care of such children, lest the authority take them away.
A child flourishes under an environment of attention and care. A supportive network of strong family connections composed of other siblings and friends together are the key components of what it takes to propel a child in the right direction of their life (Bettany and Ben 2062). Despite the age of the child being adopted, parents as the head of families have the opportunity to make positive impacts on how children grow and develop to become a responsible grown-up.

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Therefore, only adopted children will have an opportunity to be molded by their parents for a good upbringing. In sum, the resources, time, care, energy and love that come with adoption makes it one of the practices. Therefore, adoption is good because it gives children a chance to have a better life.

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