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Analyze the methods Homles used to investigate crime in A study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle

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A Study by Scarlet:
A study in scarlet is the first book that talks about Holmes and his brilliant methods of crime investigation. Holmes is a man of few friends because of his coarse personality and the strange activities he does. He believes that many people are incapable of the ‘‘reason backward” ability that he has. Holmes can reason what he observes which makes him good in the investigation of crimes. In the field of investigation of crimes, Holmes does a good job as compared to the detectives because he can draw correct conclusions from the evidence observed without making assumptions (Dayle 13).
According to Holmes, he believes that many criminals would have been jailed if “infallible test for blood stains” was being used instead of the old tests (Dayle 26). He goes further to justify why the infallible test is better than the old method as he demonstrates how it works. Holmes uses deductive reasoning and extreme observation in investigating crimes. When Watson and Holmes arrive at Lauriston Gardens, Holmes is not in a hurry to enter the crime scene. He remains outside to observe keenly, and through his observation, he sees messy footprints and a body. In response to his observation, he can paint a picture of the man who committed the killing
Holmes also says that RACHE stands for revenge and not the name of a woman and he concludes that the man was poisoned. The body of the dead had no wounds or any marks of strangulation making Holmes reasons that he was indeed poisoned (Dayle 31).

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He also concludes on the wedding ring that they found which was dirty outside but clean inside. Holmes says that the couple had been together for about ten years and that the woman used to take off her ring frequently. When Holmes advertises the wedding ring in the newspaper, a man pretending to be a woman comes to claim the ring. When he realizes and tries to track the pretender down, he escapes. Holmes uses smart moves to apprehend criminals as seen in the murder crime when detectives realize that the criminal is still free. Holmes deceives the criminal to help him in packing his goods, and later Holmes and his friends arrest him. Watson flatters Holmes by telling him that he has brought the act of detection close to an exact science that has never been seen (Dayle 36).
Holmes, in the book a study in scarlet, is described to use scientific methods to investigate crimes which are way different from the methods detective’s use. Holmes is the first person to introduce the scientific methods in making correct conclusions on crimes. Holmes’ approach led to the use of physical evidence when investigating criminal cases rather than the assumed findings (Dayle 13). Although Arthur Conan Dayle has published many books on the Holmes investigation method, a study in scarlet specifies on the deductive reasoning and keen observation. Holmes first observes the crime surroundings before heading to the exact crime spot.
Holmes feels that he has achieved his goals when a criminal case is completely solved and the criminals apprehended. Sherlock Holmes played an essential role in the Scotland Yard case through close observation and deductive reasoning methods. If he were not involved, then the case in question would not have been solved (Dayle 26). Holmes introduction of the scientific method in investigating crimes has helped the detectives, and it is still used today.
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Dayle, Arthur Conan. A study in scarlet. 2017.

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