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Sports Poem about swimming

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Sports Poem About Swimming
The atmosphere is starlight bathed,
I dive deep in the clear water,
With my energy, I skillfully move in water unscathed,
No rest once I start swimming I leave my worries for later.
Many of my friends think I am obsessed,
Being in the water is nice, All I want to do is swim,
I don’t swim because I am depressed,
Like geese, fish and turtles, I feel I have attained my dream.
Swimming is extremely fun,
I will remain in water when the sun is shining bright,
I like how it cools my body from the heat that comes from the sun,
Sometimes, I swim at night, provided I have just a little light.
To avoid being lonely during this exercise,
In rivers, lakes or ponds you can swim with friends,
learn different strokes, go from shallow to end and practice,
Every day maintain a positive and growing swimming trend.
Yes, in swimming, I can consider myself a fish in the sea,
It is an addition that has taken me over,
I can do many styles to impress myself and float in water like a bee,
Not butterfly, breaststroke, or backstroke, but I love all others.
Swimming is all I think about and all I want all the time,
A great day ends with stroking and floating in cold water,
The water creates chilliness that runs in the spine,
Like a fish, I drift in the water, and for other people, I am a mentor.
Whenever I visit my friends and relatives, we pass time swimming,
Swimming in moonlight is exciting as one enjoys the beautiful nature,
With my friends, we play in the water and also love competing,
There is no activity which is better and can beat swimming ever.

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Work Cited
Hardy, Thomas. IGCSE Poet Anthology 2012/13/14. The voice.

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