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In Search Of Happiness: Film To Remember

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In search of happiness: film to remember


In these sheets, happiness will be discussed what this and what we cling to being happy. Many people do not identify happiness or have it, but in turn they do not know that they actually have it. There are many ways to interpret it, but I turn on the way parts of the book speak it and how my person interprets the lines. Depending on the way each person sees or needs it, it really wants to be happy, but having the same purpose of feeling full and pleased with themselves. It may be repetitively but happiness can become the well -being of life.

Each person has their own definition for happiness, many of them can be defined based on a person, object, a memory or simply by existing. But what is happiness? Happiness is a mood that is satisfaction, who is happy feels comfortable, happy and pleased. Anyway, the concept of happiness is subjective and relative. There is no index of happiness or a category that must be achieved for someone to be considered as a happy person. But, because it is said that it is subjective;It is subjective since each person finds happiness in different things as mentioned above.


The important thing is to recognize the strengths of each one and enhance them, since in this way the well -being of oneself is increased. But it is also relative since many times our happiness depends on the events found in our environment, whether friends, family or the environment.

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According to Sigmund Freud, it arises from satisfaction, almost always instantaneous, of accumulated needs that have achieved high tension, and according to this nature it can only occur as an episodic phenomenon. Happiness is attributed to three main sources: genes, events and values. Under these premises that people are able to control their happiness and help others to do the same. 

The first answer involves genes. People can inherit a surprising proportion of happiness through genetics, determining a specific figure. The second source is when there are isolated events that include vacations, achievements, goals achieved, among others, however, this happiness is not durable, since it is based on times determined by short lapses. Finally, happiness comes from four basic values: faith, family, community and work, being the safest, since these factors are usually the ones we can control better. Each human being gives different values to happiness in different stages of our lives.

We can separate it in stages in which at the same time we fight for family happiness, then we identify it with the happiness of obtaining things either in a university career or obtaining money;And as a last stage, health could be identified but not everyone bases happiness on these aspects, it also appears in people who get involved in a religion or simply in people who try to look for it in some narcotic in both cases only to feel in their beingsome reason for living or feeling full with themselves. The reasons why people intend to be happy being involved in a religion.

It is because they feel links with other people who share that taste, they feel more happy and feel well -being with these individuals. At the same time dedicate time to other people increases the feeling of support and to our well -being this is related to friends the family or close beings. For them, divine faith also provides those who feel a series of arguments that decrease uncertainty to mysteries of life and give them a reason for existence, hope and fullness so that every day is grateful for their happiness. A very common case is that people feel happiness by having certain objects that cause them satisfaction or some kind of pleasure.

Having objects that have been ancestors or some that believe they bring luck or some good to them or even their relatives, and become passed by generations. There are also positive emotions these have to do with the emotions that we are experiencing during the day. These can become when one exercises or enjoying a book and is related to the pleasure it gives us having an object. A person can also feel happiness only with the fact of having some memory that does well in his memory, either of childhood, of somewhere I visit or a situation that lived.

The people who have memories are the elderly since they have already spent a lifetime and would be enough memories of those who have in their minds. Another way of being happy is at the expense of other people, in my opinion a very common form before society since we base our own happiness on the happiness of other people, this is something wrong, having the same feeling of the otherperson and depend on what it does. But many times this way of being happy is depending on the self – esteem that it can have;It is almost similar to the happiness of some religion.

For example, in religion people feel good about attending ceremonies and saying that a "God" is with them. It may also be that people do not have a family and because they feel involved with someone else who can make them feel this feeling leaving aside the happiness of their own person. Sigmund Freud also identifies the oceanic feeling, he defines it as a sense of eternity something without limits or barriers, being the feeling of immensity and completeness, a moment of intense pleasure. This reason I identify more with people who are happy for the simple fact of existing.

This could feel them the people who beat some disease or who have taken away a limb of their body feeling full having life, it could also be said that it is a compromised life this would be when the person connects with their own desires or their own self,The person feels fully presentable, aware and create opportunities to lead them to higher levels of well -being. And having a significant life this is greater than ourselves is the purpose for which we perceive that we exist, it is something that fills us and for what we decide to fight, it is what we most want.

It is possible to add the interesting case that the happiness of life is sought first and foremost in the enjoyment of beauty, wherever it is accessible to our senses and in our opinion: it is already beauty in human forms and forms, inthe objects of nature, passages, or in artistic and even scientific creations. One last reason that I could have effects of happiness are narcotics, people use them when none of the above reasons give them some reason for happiness, but when using this form they become dependent and aggravate their health. Finally, death and no happiness in his being.

These could be some more constant reasons to obtain happiness there are even thousands of them, since, just as there are people in this world there are different reasons for each of those people to feel happy and in different ways. It is difficult to be wrong in an answer that aspires to happiness, wanting to become happy, or do not want to stop being. This aspiration has two phases: a positive and one negative end;On the one hand, avoid pain and displeasure;on the other, experience intense pleasant sensations. Happiness only applies to the second end. There are factors that influence happiness.

Although it does not always occur in all these factorors also depend on the moments that are passed and others acquire greater importance compared to the others. These factors are: the way of being influences both happiness that depending on the attitude you have before life and the way in which things, problems or some situation to which you must face also influence the happiness of one, he is having a good deal with ourselves and others;The place where you live influences an important way in our mood.

It is said that a perfect place is the place that will make you happy, it is the one that meets your expectations and transmits positive emotions to your being. Although you cannot always have happiness in a place that one wants, since in that case there are circumstances where people must change their housing place to another side. The level of demand that the person has itself can influence that it is satisfactory, but that level of demand in a balanced way must be adjusted, when this is balanced the person can reach a level of happiness.

Interpersonal relationships occupy a position in a social group that affects self – esteem and thusAn infidelity and at the same time cannot be developed in a healthy way. Finally, in the factors are the same thoughts since they reflect our own reality, for example, the thoughts that oneself must have to be in favor of oneself, since, if you have thoughts against, self – esteemLike the level of happiness. 


Who in desperate rebellion adopts this path to happiness, will generally not go far, because the reality is the strongest. It can be said that happiness is obtained by each individual in different ways and you take them in the way that suits them in their lives, the way in which they feel full and satisfied with the situations they do, it can be said that there areTypes of happiness that are a precautionary state, but many do not see it like this. There is no exact definition of what happiness is, but everyone interprets it in a way and still each person can understand it.

As said happiness it can become about goods or some group or association. In my opinion, happiness covers myself, since I am the person who will define that happiness in different aspects of my life, it has been mentioned that there are stages where happiness changes. In my person, happiness in my childhood simply became fun, but at this stage of my life my happiness is studies, wanting to have a good future makes me happy to know that I am following those steps towards my happiness, and in afuture my happiness will be my health and well -being.

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