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Body Language

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Body Language
Body language is a noble component of modern communications and engagements. They are, therefore, significant to leadership and management, and all elements of businesses and workplaces, where communications are physically observable among people. As Guffey and Richard note, body languages are quick means of conveying feelings and thought without having to write or speak (p.21). Many of such body languages are usually understood, although they may imply different meanings in different cultures and contexts.
Whistling while wringing hands, for instance, is often an indication of contentment. However, in some situation or contexts, it might signify surprise or desire to be pacified because of nervousness or frustrations. Bowed posture coupled with twiddling thumbs indicates that one is in a state of boredom.
Steepled hands or sprawling sitting positions means that one is confident. With the hand steeple, one ensures that fingers make a little ‘rooftop’ by touching the tip of each other. Rubbing hand through hair means that one is a situation of frustration or thoughtfulness. Open hands (or unbuttoned coat) is an outward expression of openness. That is the state of not hiding anything. Wringing hands and tugging ears could mean that one is anxious, stressed, or worried of something or situation, and as a business communicator, the best action in such a situation is to ignore the person since commenting on the same might even worsen the status quo.

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Therefore, although some of the body languages may, sometimes, mean the same thing, most of them often mean completely different things. However, the context in which one displays a particular body movement play big towards the interpretation of their possible meanings. The context gives the background information as to what a certain body movement might mean.

Work Cited
Guffey, Mary E, and Richard Almonte. Essentials of Business Communication. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2009. Print.

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