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Broadband: Operation And Transmission

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Broadband: operation and transmission


In the telecommunications approach it refers to a network that has a high capacity to transmit digital information at a higher speed in data transmission broadband in its first stage used fiber optic cables that should be connected to each home of the home of the homeor office. It has been proven that the material made of optical fiber is much more efficient than copper for this purpose.

Today, broadband allows you to do without cables around the house or company and access the Internet through Wi -Fi networks interconnected by a main router that has sufficient capacity for several users to connect to the Internet. For the vast majority of Internet users, broadband is still the most used way to connect to the network. Indeed, the appearance of broadband was a new stage in the development of digital information services and, therefore, new possibilities to communicate.


Internet access services are usually divided into two types, narrow band access and broadband accesses. A narrow band access is one that is achieved through a traditional copper line, whose transmission speeds do not exceed those of a conventional 56 kbps modem. Achieving larger speeds requires another technology, such as RDSI, XDSL, Cable Modem or FTTH through technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, among others.

According to the standardization of the International Telecommunications Union, broadband means a service or system that requires transmission channels capable of withstanding speeds greater than primary speed, this implies at least 1.

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5 Mbps or 2 Mbps. There are other definitions such as broadband can be described in general as the ability to withstand a bidirectional bandwidth to the consumer greater than 128 kbps.


Broadband allows users to access information via the Internet, using one of the various high -speed transmission technologies. The transmission is digital, which means that texts, images and sound are transmitted via information bits. Transmission technologies made by broadband transport these bits in a much faster way than traditional or mobile telephone connections, including traditional internet access connections of traditional discdo internet.

A broadband connection can send different information packages. The method varies depending on the type of access, which we will explain in greater detail. In itself, the operation of broadband is based on the idea of increasing the connection speed by allowing a greater number of media or channels for data discharge. In this way the flow of information is more efficient and fast.


It consists of the use of analog signals and a frequency range, the signals flow in the form of electromagnetic or optical waves with a unidirectional signal flow. If there is sufficient total bandwidth, multiple analog transmission systems, can be supported by the same cable each transmission system is lodged in a part of the total bandwidth. Amplifiers are used to regenerate analog signals to their original force because the transmission flow of the broadband signal is unidirectional, there must be two paths for the flow of data so that a signal reaches all devices.

MID-SPLIT Thoroughly leave, divide the bandwidth into two channels, each using a different frequency. One channel is used to transmit signals, the other to receive double cable configuration: each device is hooked at two cables. A cable is used to send and another to receive the broadband is analog, transmits in the sense, can be multiplexar, amplifiers are used. Mobile: This connection is based on radio waves and frequencies. Torres or Radio Bases, that is, a previously available infrastructure to these companies, send data packages to compatible devices.

Optical fiber

The optical fiber is the means of internet data transmission that allows us to use a greater and more effective bandwidth. This technology is able to send a large amount of data to large distances with speeds far superior to the ADSL or other broadband technologies. Fiber optic technology makes the electrical signals that carry information and sends said light through transparent glass fibers, of a diameter similar to that of human hair. 

Fibers transmit information at speeds far superior to current DSL or cable modem speeds. However, the speed that you experience will depend on a series of factors, such as the distance of your computer to the optical fiber and the way the service is configured both aspects will be determined by your supplier.


It consists of the analog transmission of digital data through the symmetrical pair of copper that contains a conventional telephone line. To do this, it is necessary that the length of the line does not exceed 5.5 km between the telephone exchange and the domicile that uses this type of broadband connection. The ADSL allows a rapid reception of data, using the same line used to provide voice telephony.

Without interrupting regular phone calls along that same line. ADSL technology is asymmetric, since it is designed so that the file drop rate is higher than the upload speed, since the normal thing to use the Internet personally is to receive more data than those that are sent.


It is the best alternative for rural areas where the cable or optical fiber does not arrive. This technology uses a communications satellite as a link medium, which allows you to receive the signal from the house, send it to the Internet, and re -send it to the user’s home so you can navigate with a broadband connection wherever it is. The discharge and loading speed of satellite broadband depends on numerous factors, including the type of supplier and the contracted services package.

There are many communications satellites in geostationary orbit that allow navigating online among other services, which we use in Nimvox is the Ka-Sat satellite, which is the most performance satellite when it comes to providing broadband connections. Satellite service can be interrupted by unfavorable time conditions. The speeds can be lower than those of DSL and cable modem. But the information download speed is much faster than Internet access via telephone ladder.   

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