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Criminal Profile Models

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Criminal profile models


The American criminal profile model was developed by FBI agents, Robert K. RESSler, John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood in the late 1970s. At this time, it is when the first studies of the rapists and serial killers who were imprisoned in US prisons are carried out. UU. 

The objective was to be able to extract notable data regarding the motivations that led them to commit crimes and their way of acting. In addition, special attention was also paid to their family environment, their childhood and personal circumstances to try to find out if there was any common link among them, that they were data that facilitated the identification and detention of people who commit similar crimes.


Subsequently, Ressler, with the VICAP program (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program), meets all the information collected by the different US police officers. UU., (Analysis of criminal psychological profiles, common evidence and indications present in the facts and characteristics of the authors). The VICAP seeks to obtain data, conclusions, relate different facts and ways to carry them out, to try to solve them as effectively as possible. To all this we must unite the experience of the FBI agents, the analyzes, reconstructions and recreations of the places of crime and the knowledge extracted from the data obtained with the criminals imprisoned through conversations and interrogations.

The inductive method and the deductive method applied to criminal profile

The inductive method is a scientific method that obtains general conclusions from private premises.

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This is the most usual scientific method, in which four essential steps can be distinguished: the observation of the facts for registration; the classification and study of these facts; the inductive derivation that part of the facts and allows to reach a generalization; and contrast.

The deductive method is a scientific method that considers that the conclusion is implicit within the premises. Which means that conclusions are a necessary consequence of these: when the premises are true and deductive reasoning is valid, there is no way that the conclusion is not true.

The FBI starts from the base of behavior guidelines, which have been registered in previous cases, to prepare the profile of a criminal who is currently being sought, through the application of the inductive method. But at the same time it puts into practice the deductive method, under the premise that the personality of those who have committed a crime, is reflected in the scene, through "brands" or "elements", which allow to know their personal characteristics and Psychological.


It is defined that the criminal or criminological profile as the discipline of forensic science that deals with analyzing the traces of behavior in a crime scene in order to provide useful information to the police for the capture of an unknown criminal. Elaborated attempt to provide research teams, specific information about the type of individual who has committed a certain crime, is an estimate about the biographical and lifestyle characteristics of the person responsible for a series of serious crimes and that does not yet It has been identified. Bumgarner mentions that: in its most plain sense, profiles of criminal justice occur when criminal justice officials consider strategically characteristics such as race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, to make discretionary decisions in the exercise of their functions. 

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