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Challenges of feeding young toddlers

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Activity Plan #1: Challenges of Feeding Infants and Young Toddler
CONCEPT: Early childhood is a vital stage in the growth, health, and development of young children. Toddlerhood feeding and diet strategies play a crucial role in laying the foundation of good behavior and healthy food preference. However, there are challenges of feeding a young toddler
Classification of feeding disorder
Physical examination of the toddler
Managing of the feeding disorder
Projector for visual representation
Toddler utensils
Toddlers healthy food groups
Read the following article and discuss with the students
Bernard-Bonnin A. C. (2006). Feeding problems of infants and toddlers. Canadian family physician Medecin de Famille Canadien, 52(10), 1247-51.
Discuss with the students the different common types of toddler eating disorder, use a visual representation to explain. Allow the students by their own to identify the different eating disorder.
Help the students in classifying the different feeding disorder.
Highlight the five elements that should be considered when evaluating the feeding problem, i.e., How is the problem exhibited? Does the toddler suffer from any disease? Has the toddler’s development and weight been affected? What emotion does the toddler display during the meals? Is the family suffering from stress factors?
Show the students how to manage different type of eating disorder.
Help the student to understand the importance of behavioral intervention whereby the students should know the importance of controlling what, where, and when the toddlers are fed.

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Describe the importance of shaping food preference among the toddlers’ dietary pattern
Illustrate the role the feeding environment
Assist the students to understand the role of responsive feeding
Help the learner to recognize and understand the toddlers’ fullness and hunger cues
The student should put into consideration the toddlers’ food allergy
Identify the food safety consideration for the toddlers

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