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Student’s name
Professor’s name
Course number
PART B: Portfolio
45 Minutes Tuesday
35 Minutes Wednesday
40Minutes Thursday
15 minutes Friday
35 Minutes Saturday
35 Minutes Sunday
10 Minutes
Running-15 mins
Squats-50 Reps
But for kicks – 30 Reps
Supermans- 30 Reps
Bicycle-15 mins Jogging-10 Mins
Jumping rope-10 Mins
Low Impact Aerobics – 20 Reps
Heel Walking-5 mins
Yoga- 20 mins
Biking – 5 mins
Squats-20 Reps
Burpees –30 Reps
Straight leg Deadlift rows – 10 Reps
Rest Day
Walk- 15 minutes Running- 20 mins
Crunches – 30 Reps
Biking- 10 mins
Pushups-50 reps
Hundred- 2 minutes
High Knees-1 Minute
Jump rope- 1 Minute
Walk- 20 mins
Lifting Weights- 30 Reps Rest Day
Walk- 10 minutes
Specific: My specific goal is to ensure that by the end of the week I will have done a whole work out that to keep fit.
Measurable: I will make sure that I do Yoga for 30 minutes in a week and other activities that improve my breathing systems and forms a few my muscles. On my rest days, I will also do physical activities for at least 20 minutes.
Achievable: The goal of the workout is feasible because I am very determined and I used to do some of the activities without the necessary resources, and the results were impressing though in a strenuous workout. Now that I have the treadmill installed in a considerable space to perform all the exercises at the comfort of my house, I have all the necessary resources to keep fit.
Results-focused: My primary objective is to stay fit and maintain my current health status.

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To have excellent shape, avoid mental health (Young, 191) and to be flexible are my secondary objectives. I, therefore, employ energy and determination in following the scheme.
Time-bound: In my Portfolio, each activity has its own time. Therefore, time is of crucial importance as it will allow me to evaluate my performance over a span. I tend to keep fit in my entire life. Therefore, the plan is to continue with the exercise even after several months.
Work Cited
Young, Courtenay. Help yourself towards mental health. Karnac Books, 2010.

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