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Critical White Studies

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Critical White Studies

Critical White Studies
The white studies were found to have given the men a lot of privileges in the curriculum. They thought have been unwilling to admit that the women they were over-privileged but they grant that women are disadvantaged. The denial of the male that they are not privileged is found to result in taboos surrounding the benefits they enjoy from the disadvantaged women. The discussion is going to be based on the critical of the white studies focusing on the some of the issues surrounding the denial of the over-privileging of the male in the curriculum.
The denial has been seen to take many forms in the discussions of the curriculum change work. There have been claims that the men should be the central in the curriculum as they are believed to have tackled what is significant in civilization. The training received by the men in the school does not make them see themselves as oppressors or unfairly advantaged person or in any way a member of a damaged culture. The men are seen to consider themselves as individuals whose right state depends on the individual good will of the women. During the time in school, there were no lessons about slavery in depth, and the students were not taught to see the slaveholders as the affected people. The slaves were considered to be groups of people who were at a risk of being dehumanized. The word privilege is seen to be misleading as its connotations are found to be too positive to conform to the conditions and behaviors that are produced by the powerful systems.

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From the article, it is seen that people are always found to think of the privilege as being a favored state but in the real context, it is understood to mean something that everyone wants. As much as a priority may confer power, it does affect the moral strength. The individuals who do not depend on the conferred dominance are found to have characteristics and qualities that may develop into those who depend on the dominance. According to the article, the white status, and identity are determined to give considerable power to choose whether to broach the subject and the trouble. It is also said that the male counterparts do not have a lot to lose by supporting the women studies, and they as well do not have a big deal to lose by opposing it. It is assumed that they have the ability to decide whether they are willing to dedicate themselves to a more equitable distribution of power. They tend to feel fewer penalties in whichever choice they make. Through the women studies, it has been able to meet few are concerned about the unearned male advantage and the conferred dominance.
In has been noted that there needs to be more work done in affecting how the mighty men affect their daily lives. It is a lot more to be done concerning the subjects about the taboo. There is urgency in understanding the ways that the privileges damage the white people as it has been found to be different from the way it damages the victimized. Most of the students in the United States have the perception that racism does not affect then because they are not people of color. It is the same way that the men think that they are not affected by the disadvantage of the women in the curriculum.



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