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Describe how nursing organizations influence lobbying

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What is lobbying? Describe how nursing organizations influence lobbying. What has been your experience with political action? How would you like to increase your political activities?
The process of lobbying is noted as the process by which individuals or organizations work towards attempting to affect the overall decision of the government. The status of the organizations or the individuals in the society affects what particular aspects of social development they can influence through lobbying. For instance, nursing organizations are in full control of the way they affect health care systems that exist in the society. Being the ones who are in direct contact with the people, they are able to outline the basic needs of those who are living in remote areas and bring such matter to the thinking and attention of the government.
The political factor that goes with lobbying challenges individuals or organizations to make a formal move and make sense of their goals; allowing these matters to reach the right ears and the right individuals to be able to make a move on what they think should be improved or imposed as needed. In relation to this matter, it would best be applicable to enrich the political activities that individuals or organizations have through creating portal for speech [most likely linked to the internet] to be able to reach out to those who want to share their thoughts on matters and link them to those who can make the move to make the changes real and realizable for all.

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The work of the nurses influences the ways by which the government oversees its role towards the health of the people it hopes to take care. It could be realized that somehow, it is through this point of distinction that nursing organizations can take the lead in making the lives of the people more responsive towards the health assistance they are expected to embrace as part of what the government ought to provide them with.
Plumer, Brad (October 10, 2011). “The outsized returns from lobbying”. The Washington Post.

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