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Domestic and Hospitality Determinations

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Domestic and Hospitality Determinations
The hospitality industry broadly refers to a range of fields within the service industry such as restaurant services, lodging, event planning, as well as the tourism sector. People working in these fields are recognized as workers within the hospitality industry and protected by laws, both local and international (Bharwani and Neetu 150). The domestic workers industry, on the other hand, refers to a range of jobs and workers that work in personal homes. Jobs that lie within the domestic worker range include, cleaning, caring for children, caring for the elderly as well as cooking. Other outdoor services, but which lie within private homes, such as driving, gardening, and security guarding. The basic nature of these two industries is similar. However, the challenges and the issues surrounding these two industries have set them far apart. This essay will briefly look at the intricacies surrounding these sectors of the economy and determine the difference between the two sectors.
The main difference between the two sectors lies in the workers. While the hospitality industry contains a large population of workers with a formal education, the domestic workers are largely characterized by a lack of formal education (Lutz 50). For a majority of workers within the domestic work sector, their poor backgrounds and search for a better life usually pushes them into the industry. Secondly, the domestic industry is largely ungoverned by laws, and most governments are finding it difficult to address the challenges facing the sector.

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The main reason behind this challenge is the use of illegal immigrants for domestic work. The illegal immigrants cannot seek legal redress when their rights are violated as they risk being deported if they report (Joppe 664). While the hospitality industry is easily quantified and governed, the domestic sector continues to face challenges. However, the two industries offer similar services even though their management may differ significantly.

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