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Retirement Residence Management Introduction

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Essential Skills for A Facility Manager
Revera is a retirement accommodation plan for the retired people in the community. It has been in service for the last fifty years but went into the private sector Since the year 2007. It is mainly for the Canadians, and this is North America. A case study of one of their facilities is that of Thorn Hill. It was a partnership deal between Glynnwood and Revera. The homes are built on six acres of land. It has a twenty-four-hour nurse watch to help the elderly, a foot care department, audiology department and also medical laboratory. It has PSW on their staff. The facility has fire extinguishers in almost all the areas, and they are even connected with a hotline of the local fire station in cases of fire. Doctors are always on standby to help whenever there need (Reichert, 20).
Questions to ask an interviewee include:
1. What is their overall approach concerning old people?
2. What they think about the facility.
3. What improvements they would make to the facility.
4. What they think about caring for people of different race.
5. What safety and health improvements should be put in such a facility,
Among the key attributes, I would look at while hiring the facility manager is his academic personae, this is how he fared in his academics and during his school days was he involved in disciplinary cases (Dukes). His social life should be that of a friendly person who helps people in the community.

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The person best suited should have at least done a unit or a short Couse on community development. Having worked in a similar facility would be an added advantage to them.
I believe that posting for this position will align with the requirements as the facility’s central cores are respect, integrity, excellence, and compassion.
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Dukes, Elizabeth. “Top 10 Skills Every Facility Manager Needs To Succeed”. Iofficecorp.Com,
2018, Accessed 7 July 2018.
Reichert, David. “Shafa: A Business Plan for Supportive Housing in The 21st Century.” (2014).

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