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Proposal for a Feminism Gender Study

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Proposal for a Feminism Gender Study
“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a story of a woman who is confined to a nursery by her husband due to her anxiety. Her husband, who is also a doctor, forbids her from socializing and, therefore, she decides to express her thoughts in a journal (Gilman 648). As time progresses, she becomes obsessed with a wallpaper hung in the room and eventually goes mad. The story describes the chaotic thoughts of a woman in a patriarchal society (Lanser 415). The men in her life justify their controlling actions by assuring her that their decisions are in her best interests. In my paper, I hope to argue that the “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a literary work that perfectly depicts the status of women in the 19th century and, therefore, provides an opportunity for academic feminists to criticize patriarchal societies.
To support my thesis statement, I will do extensive research and ensure I have expert opinions to help me prove my arguments. I will utilize Alfadel’s consideration of the roles women occupy in all patriarchal communities (43). She argues that females are confined to outdated traditional responsibilities as the men in their cultural and social systems determine their roles. I will also consider Lanser’s approach as she argues that this text represents “women’s language” and, by extension, the evolving mindset of women in society (418). The literary work, therefore, enables feminists to support their claims that span across diverse cultures.

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Lastly, I will use Berenji’s considerations to explore how Gilman used the technique of time and setting to enhance her subject matter (224). These techniques provide different interpretations about the thoughts of the unnamed woman and the gradual effects of her confinement. By utilizing these materials in my exploration, I will be able to support my thesis statement sufficiently.
By writing this paper, I hope to review this text exhaustively and interpret the multiple effects of patriarchy on women in society. I also wish to show the extent to which “The Yellow Wallpaper” has transformed the study of literary works from a feminist perspective. Gilman attempts to create a voice for the female consciousness and portray their thoughts about the roles they have to assume (Gilman). Conclusively, by exploring my thesis statement fully, I hope to support the claims feminists have made for a long time; that patriarchal communities have detrimental outcomes on women.

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