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English Coursework

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Team reflection
Contributions to team meetings
I contribute a considerable amount of insights to my team. For example, I usually try to provide the best solutions on how all the member can meet without citing other commitments. I encouraged the members to create various positions such as the chairman and secretary to create some efficiency. The idea allowed one individual (the chairman) to set the meeting days without wasting time deliberating on the ideal meeting venues and dates.
Facilitation of team members to contribute
Other members of the team lack some qualities such as assertiveness. That means that they cannot compete with other outspoken individuals for a chance to speak. Hence, I encouraged the team to develop a strategy where everybody gets a chance to talk on every issue under debate.
Individual contribution to team-related work
Sometimes I usually create materials that help the members to understand some concepts. For example, I prepared a short research paper outlining the different citation styles (Lipson, 2011). Most members seemed to lack knowledge on how to apply the various styles. The brief literature allowed the team participants to have a better grasp of the techniques.
Support of constructive team climate
Sometimes the team discussions become hostile and tense. Most of the time, such scenarios occur because other people shout at fellow members while other use offensive language. I encouraged the group to adopt a formal model for the discussions.

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Since then, the team members take turns to speak and take their time to address conflicts without using insults.
Response to different opinions
The group contains diversity that breeds different ideas. In most cases, the members share divided views on the presented perspectives. During the team meetings, I always ensure to respect the opinions of others such that even when some of the members propose ridiculous propositions, I politely request them to provide proof. I also try to avoid asserting my views on the teammates and therefore I always back my opinions with evidence.
Works Cited
Lipson, C. (2011).¬†Cite right: a quick guide to citation styles–MLA, APA, Chicago, the sciences, professions, and more. University of Chicago Press.

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