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Fault Tolerance Mechanism

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Offering a reliable fault tolerance mechanism is critical for the provision of a continued data service. Thus, fault tolerance guarantees a network of continuous operations even when there are hardware and software errors. The strategies employed to ensure fault tolerance include:
Approaches to fault tolerant network
Guaranteeing an efficient power supply: One of the challenges that may contribute to network failures is a limited power supply. Thus, when local power supply failures occur including voltage variations, short term or long term power outages, the functionality of the network would be detrimental to the functioning of a network.
Implementation of Disk Arrays on a network: The other element to consider is the Disk Array selected for a network. It is ideal that a network administrator invests in fault-tolerant RAID system to protect the functionality of the network.
Mean Time to Failure and Mean time to Recover: Mean time to failure refers to the time taken until the failure of a device occurs. The mean time to recover refers to the time taken until the recovery of a device from failure.
The essential strategy to take care of is to ensure that power supply is consistent. In fact, no activities can be pursued when there is no power supply.
Strategies for tuning network adapter
Creating the ideal tuning setting for a network is dependent on several factors. However, it is advisable that system administrator’s fine tune their network throughput and resources to attain optimum functionality levels.

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Some of the tuning options to consider include:
Enabling the network adapter offload feature- It is essential that the network adapter is equipped to handle the offload capabilities when there are high throughputs.
Increasing the resources for the Network Adapter- Increasing the resources for network adapters that allow manual configurations of resources may also be an ideal tuning option. Increasing the buffers to maximum values plays a vital role in ensuring that key roles are performed as recommended.
The above methods of tuning may also be applicable for the Microsoft 2012 Servers. The capability is enhanced by the fact that registry keywords in Windows Server 2008 are also acknowledged in Windows Server 2008

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