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The Soul and the Brain
Part 1
Elements of the soul and the brain are best explained by taking into consideration various theories which have been discussed overtime by prominent philosophers. Whereas some of these philosophers, like Socrates, have in the past emphasized the relevance of the soul, some of them have argued against it, citing that the brain plays a more crucial role. According to Socrates, the soul continues to exist even after one dies, and is only separated from the body after one dies (Rachels 39). Therefore, the soul exists as a separate entity, just after death. Although counter arguments on the same have been provided, especially using the brain functioning argument, it is evident that the soul argument still makes sense, since research on the brain functioning is thought to have some flaws. Besides, according to Socrates, it is quite difficult to destroy the soul since it cannot be broken down, like other physical entities. However, very little in regards to the soul and brain is understood, hence the debates.
Part 2
Like the above-described argument, there also exist several cases that try to explain why human beings remain the same all through. For instance, the same body theory provides sufficient arguments that can make one believe to have existed before and after. According to the theory someone who lived early, and someone who will exist later, are the same numerically on condition that they have the same body (Rachels 58).

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Therefore, this theory explains why someone remains the same in photos, or other early digital files. Although some physical changes can be observed, that does not matter since objects can change, but still remain the same. It also explains why an individual remains the same even after suffering stroke or forgetting who they are after an accident. Furthermore, this theory concludes that these people have an identity since they exist.

Work Cited
Rachels, James. “Problems from philosophy.” (2011).

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