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Advantages and Disadvantages of GMO.
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Over the recent years, the number of countries producing genetically modified crops has substantially increased. Accordingly, this has stirred up a lot of debate over GMO foods and their safety. The paper herein addresses the advantages and disadvantages of these foods with the aim of coming up with a conclusive stand on whether the GMO foods are poison or panacea.
In this first part of the paper, the advantages of GMO foods will be highlighted. One of the benefits of GMO is that the overall taste, as well as quality of the food, would be increased (Uppangala, 2010). The reason for this conclusion is that through the use of genetically modifying crops, the flavors in these crops can be substantially enhanced. A practical example is peppered can be made spicier through genetic modification. Another advantage of GMO is that animals and plants that have undergone genetic modification prove to have more resistance to various types of diseases. Moreover, GMO foods have also been proven to have more nutritional value than food that has not been genetically modified. Through modification, GMO plants and animals have been made to produce food with a greater amount of vitamins and minerals.
On the other hand, GMO foods also have disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that they damage the environment. The reasoning behind this conclusion is that if the GMO animals or crops are made to survive in environments that would not normally support them, there is a bid probability that they would damage the environment.

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Finally, another disadvantage of GMO food is that they have no economic value. This deduction is based on the fact that GMO foods take approximately the same time to mature as non-GMO foods and also require as much effort as their non-GMO counterparts (Whitman, 2000). Consequently, they possess no real economic value compared to non-GMO foods.
In conclusion, the paper herein has proved that the benefits of GMO foods outweigh its risks. Therefore, GMO foods are indeed panacea.
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Whitman, D. (2000). Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful? CSA Discovery Guides.

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