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How To Write An Essay On An Interview

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July 19, 2015
How To Write An Essay On An Interview
Interview essays are usually written differently from the common essays that people are used to. The following tips offer guidance how to write such essays:
Interview Essay Guidelines
The first and most important step in interview essay writing is proper preparation. The writer has to choose a suiting topic and decide on the best individual for the interview. In setting out the questions to be asked during the interview, it is important that the interviewer carries out maiden research. This is important because it gives the interviewer a clear and comprehensive view as well as understanding of the topic and areas to be covered. A collection of data is an important part of an interview as it helps to keep records and focus on the process to get as much information as possible.
Below are additional tips on the interview writing:Interview Notes OrganizationGuidelines on Writing a format of Interview Essay Narrative or question and answer
The first important thing is finding out and understanding the required format of the essay, whether it should be narrative essay or even question and answer because it determines the structure of the whole work.
Just like it is with other known essays, these formats should start with a strong and captivating introduction, a well-organized body and a good conclusion that reflects what is contained in the introduction and the body of the paper. However, the major distinction is that there will be use of direct quotes in the question and answer essay, whereas the narrative essay can paraphrases from the interview together with the direct quotes.

Wait! How To Write An Essay On An Interview paper is just an example!

Beginning the essay
The first step is arranging the information obtained or recorded during the process of interview into a coherent outline. The best way to do this is by going through the notes were taken, and those recorded during the interview to know the order in which they should appear in the essay.
Taking the interest of the reader seriously into consideration is important, therefore, the author should ensure that he or she picks all the important points about the interviewed figure that the audience might be interested in, as these will form the essays’ body paragraph. After being sure about the three major points of the interview essay, the next step is setting out a clear outline.
Sample Outline
The outline below offers tips on writing a narrative format essay of five paragraphs, and it is also ideal for the format of question and answer essay.
I. Introduction
This should begin with a hook; it can be an interesting narration or fact told by the interviewee.
Thesis statement: This single sentence gives the description of the interviewee, his or her title if they have any, and the reason for the interview. Remember the thesis statement should be in the introduction part, which also tells the purpose of the interview, and the name of the interviewee should be spelled correctly. The article below offers guidance of the writing of a good thesis statement.
II. Body paragraph 1: The first main idea obtained
III. Body paragraph 2: Second major idea obtained
IV. Body paragraph 3: Third major idea obtained
V. Conclusion: The essay should have a solid conclusion that summarizes what is contained in the paper and some final comments concerning the individual.
Writing the Interview Essay
Turning the outline into an essay
The length of the paper also determines how the writer can turn the outline into an essay. For instance, for short essays, the Roman numerical can have a single paragraph each, but if the essay is longer, then they can have several paragraphs on them.
Finally, for the purposes of clarity and authenticity, the writer must put quotation marks around the original words of the interviewee, as well as ensure that the body paragraphs are tied to the thesis statement. After that, the writer can prepare a final copy for submission.
From the tips above, the writer must not be in a positional of writing a good essay. For the purposes of getting a higher grade, it is advisable to edit and revise the essay, but the most important thing is knowing how to write the interview essay.

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