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Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre

IntroductionJane Eyre is mainly a quest for love. Jane searches not only romantic love but also a sense of belonging. This leads to series of conflict and different themes being developed as illustrated below:
Jane is in search for family, love and also a sense of belonging. As the novel begins, Jane is portrayed as an unloved orphan who is infatuated in search of love so as to achieve happiness and know her own identity. Despite that, she never received parental love Miss Temple loved and took care of her. She then extends the same to Adele and students in her school. Her quest for love was satisfied when she met Mr. Rochester where at first she declined her marriage proposal based on unequal social status but later after achieving her fortune goes ahead to marry him bringing both her quest to satisfaction.
Jane experiences different models of Christianity in the novel where she rejects partially or completely. She criticizes the Mr. Brocklehurst’s evangelism claiming that its full of hypocrisy as he luxuriously spend and emotionally exploited the students at Lowood. Also, Christianity of Helen Burns, which advocates for utter forgiveness and tolerance. Jane’s spirituality is affected by her quest for independence. However, she falls in love Mr. Rochester and accepts his marriage proposal, and their spirituality is bonded by their profound love.
Gender Inequality
Bertha, who was earlier imprisoned at Thornfield, suffered oppression from her husband.

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Jane is imprisoned in the ‘red room’ at Gateshead due to her low social status that prevented her from marrying Mr. Rochester until she has attained fortune. Jane’s gender and economic hindrances ware as a result of gender discrimination. This is revealed when Bronte recommends that if Jane was a man she wouldn’t undergo economic hardships.
Novel Settings and Aspects of Love
Novel’s settings reflect on the emotions expressed by the character. It portrays happiness and despair depending on the momentary feelings. An example is when Rochester proposes to Jane. She is impressed and jovial about it. Use of foreshadowing helps the reader to know the outcomes. The splitting of horse-chestnut and the weather changing after Rochester proposes to Jane depicts what would happen the following day.
Bloom, H. (2010). Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. New York: Chelsea House.

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