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narrative essay on an imagined meeting with Darth Vader

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Narrative Essay on an Imagined Meeting with Darth Vader
Thesis. Darth Vader was one of the pivotal pillars of the Jedi who was seen as a savior of many characters in his literary works.
Events on meeting with Darth Vader
Interesting questions answered by Darth Vader and his role in his literary works
His concluding remarks on his role in the galaxy

Narrative Essay on an Imagined Meeting with Darth Vader
Meeting with Darth Vader as famously known from the star wars universe was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could not wait to meet him in the lounge and know more about his past and future desires. Vader is character who is fictitious in the Star Wars universe. He is known to be a pivotal figure in the first trilogy and a central one in the prequel trilogy.
During the meeting, he informs me that his characteristic nature was created by his manager by the name Lucas George and has been represented by many other actors. He confirms that he is a central character in the television series by the name Expanded Universe, and he has his appearance in all the six stars films. He is also a major player in many comic books, novels and video games.
In the middle of our conversation, I became interested and wanted to know his role in the star wars universe, and the events that took place in the films. He informs me that through his role he was supposed to bring peace and assurance to all the people in the force.

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This was a position that was prophesied for him before he joined the dark side.
He continues to say that before he joined the Jedi dark side he was one of the goodhearted heroes who operated around the clone wars. He was the most powerful Jedi found in the galaxy hence the desire of many for him to take over the highest post of bringing peace. This task became hard after Anakin broke their code of conduct and decided to marry Amidala who was a senator. This made him suffer many visions, which showed him that his wife was going to die while giving birth, and this made Anakin the thought of preventing such an occurrence. Anakin received news that the only secure path to ensure health to Amidala was through the dark side. These were the sentiments of Palpatine, who was a mentor of the Jedi and a respected figure during this time. Anakin was told by Palpatine that through the Sith power he was able to stop the passing on of Amidala and he was the lord of the Sith. Anakin succumbed to the dubious stories of the Chancellor and this made him become an ultimate agent of the evil section.
Later on, Vader confirms that Sidious became the Emperor, and with his help they were able to order of Jedi. By using clones, Anakin who was initiated as an agent of the dark side was able to destroy the trained Jedi and other young agents.
After a lengthy discussion on the events of temple I was also curious to know the personal contributions of Vader to the overall execution of other player in the film like Obi-Wan. Vader who is smiling all the time tells me that he was later sent to Mustafar to kill his friend and former master, Obi-Wan. During the fight in on the lava planet, Anakin fought with skill and killed Obi-Wan after his please fell on deaf ears. Vader during this time was injured and seriously burnt by the lava river, occurrences which made him bitter and full of hate. He was later found by the Emperor and put in a black armor which gave him protection together with a mechanical lung. The process was dangerous and painful at the same time, but had to be performed to keep him alive.
Through the tragic events, Vader was seen as a symbol in the empire, who became an enforcer for Palpatine. This position gave him the power to hunt down a Jedi fugitive who had not made use of order 66 and who had in the previous occasions decided to hunt enemies inside and outside the region. The introduction of Vader in the empire brought many rumors which made people fear him and desire his immediate removal. Most characters saw Vader as a creation that was decided in the laboratory for purposes of imitating the separatist’s lord. Other members saw him as a warrior who was technological provided to outdo the arts that were forbidden in the force. Very few people knew that he was indeed a Jedi who was reborn to perform similar functions as before.
The plot of events in the film, he explains, indicate a regime where by the leaders fight for power without considering the lower castes in the society. The issues of mistrust among individuals and the desire to woe others through dubious means for their personal interests are some of the issues that emanate from the story. He confirms that his role in much literary work has given him the opportunity to indicate the problems that are usually seen in the society.
He concludes by saying that his characteristic role in the films and many other roles in literature have made him become the third movie villain in the history of cinema. He however anticipates retire from all his roles and become an ambassador of peace in the real world, a job he says is too tough to manage.

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