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Paying college athletes while they are in school

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Paying College Athletes
The question of whether the college athletes should be paid or not has attracted many debates among the various parties. Some argue college students should be paid while other parties have differing opinions. College athletes should be paid because they bring in a lot of money to the colleges they are representing. Once college athlete commits to play for his or her college, they have a rough time in balancing the school work and practice schedules. Due to a tight a schedule, these group of students hardly get enough time to do side jobs to raise extra money for their upkeep. College athletes spend much of their time playing and improving the status of their respective teams and in the process making the team famous. Most professionals athletes are recognized because of the fame they bring into the team and they are being paid competitively. The same way college students earn fame for their colleges and they should be paid at least to gather for their personal needs. College coaches, according to reports, are among the top-paid coaches. Despite the scholarship benefits college athletes are enjoying, the scholarship does not cover up their personal expenses that leave them with little income. Some of the students participating in Division I colleges sports are from poor families and a move not to pay them leave them in a poorer state (Karaim, 5).
According to reports, the 15 highest paid NCAA coaches earned approximately $53.

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4 million during the more than ten thousand Division I players made zero dollars. For the coaches, this is looking more of a career, and they are not attending any other duties as students. But for the college athletes, they spend a lot of time for practicing and playing in the fields that amount to a lot of risks. Due to these facts, college athletes deserve to be paid for the efforts they are putting into their teams. According to the Nocera, reports a college athletes spend fifty hours per week on average on their respective sports. Considering the amount of time these players spend equates to more than a full-time job and that is the amount of time professional players input into the sports, and they are highly get paid (Karaim, 579).
According to NCAA, college athletes should not be paid since if these players are paid it changes the sports league from being an amateur sports and it is against the traditions. NCAA also argues the participants in the college sports league are students and most of them are under athletic scholarships and are being paid for their commitment to the scholarship. In the year 2011, the NCAA president had pushed for reforms to allow for college athletes to paid $2000 as a stipend (Karaim, 17). The payments according to him were to help these group of college students to offset their tuition fees that the scholarship fund was not able to cover and to use the extra cash for their personal upkeep. Unfortunately, the move for college athletes to be paid met a lot of resistance from colleges some claiming they could afford to pay, and the push was suspended indefinitely. The attempt to compensate college athletes was legitimate and in any case the move should be revived and be made a regulation. College athletes merit to be paid for their success in the field will directly benefit their respective colleges and universities.

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