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personal statement

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Personal Statement
The relevance and vital need for finance related disciplines to the world today, has led me to desire the HKU Master of Finance (MFin) Programme. My experiences and the keen interest in the finance sector places me at an advantage to successfully pursue the finance course in your institution. The ability to apply the knowledge acquired from the course to other financial disciplines makes me have the desire to approach the course with an open mind that is ready to make changes as required.
Having travelled widely, I have had a direct experience with different lifestyles, and this has made me eager in investigating other relative lifestyles in a financial perspective. The relative nature of the course, will give me divers experiences which will allow me to make better choices for my future endeavors.
With my varied hobbies, I will be able to appreciate the course and strengthen my career path and those around me. I have much pride in my work and other involvements, and usually put extra effort to ensure success despite the relatively minimal time that is usually at my disposal. I have previously excelled in my undertaking, back in school and work and promise to work in all my courses and make my educators happy. I will always share the knowledge that I have learnt with others to make them better in their studies.
I hope to join your department for this course, and promise to put more effort to help myself and all others who will need my help.

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I will ensure an increased contribution to the institution and the community at large. After completion of the course, I would wish to train others to follow after me, and enable them to pursue their dreams.

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