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Poetry Is Not Seen In High School

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Poetry is not seen in high school

This work is intended to offer a vision of poetry that is not commonly appreciated in the high school classroom. This was recalled by the author of this end -of -degree work when he went to the institute, and he checked it during her practical period: the study of poetry is purely traditional and, sometimes, non -existent. This is an undeniable fact that the author has always caught his attention, why did we never like poetry inside the classroom? Maybe this happens because teachers have not gone beyond what the curriculum about poetry and its different forms dictates. It is true that knowing the structure of a poem and its numerous rhetorical figures are content that students must know, but perhaps treat poetry from a fully linguistic point of view is not striking for adolescents. Often, the linguistic plane makes it difficult to understand the poem but, thus – and unconsciously – there is a rejection by the students towards the lyrical genre since in most cases they do not see beyond stanzas, versesand rhymes. Therefore, it is not surprising that poetry is not the favorite genre of adolescents – despite being present in their day to day – since they do not understand it and, therefore, they fail to feel identified with that genre.

One of the objectives that is intended to pursue with this work is that from literary education, teachers should try to favor communication between the adolescent reader and the poetic text, because poetry is something affordable by all and not a privilege that is within reachOf a few.

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In the classrooms you can see the effort to discover the meaning of the poetic text, to ask about the author’s intention with his words or what the poet wants to warn with his verses, a fact that is fascinating but in turn invitesreflection. The conventional gaze that is given to poetry in the high school classroom causes some aspects to remain hidden, aspects such as the dialogue between the personal world of the reader and the world of those who have written what we read. There is some indifference to the poetic genre as Víctor Moreno (1998: 21) states that "the cultivation of poetry in the classroom is a ghost that travels almost every level of the country". Through this work, it is intended to change the traditional approach giving poetry the place it deserves in education – and how not, in our lives -. To do this, the teaching staff must work poetry as a communicative element taking into account that "poetic communication is consubstantly imaginary" and that "an unlimited number of times" (Barrientos, 1999: 17) can be repeated, since each reading of the same poemIt allows different interpretations and, of course, experiencing different emotions with each reading of it. In this way, a certain link between the reader – adolescent and the reading in which the adolescent begins to see poetry as something close to their environment is established. It is important that teachers emphasize the uses of poetic language but also in that inner world, in experimenting and discovering what the poem transmits as a personal experience to each adolescent.

In poetry, as in any type of text, in addition to finding linguistic aspects, lifestyles, ideologies and ways of understanding the world are appreciated, so the present work tries to offer an emotional approach to the poetic fact based on creationliterary and stimulation of students’ emotional intelligence through didactic innovation. In this way, the literary legacy of the works and the consecrated poets is transmitted and, in turn, the experience of poetic communication is provided with the intention of motivating and arouseing interest in the lyrical genre. For this, the proposed method is based on the development of the creative abilities of students and emotional competences, since the didactics of poetry allows a close link with emotional education as we will see in the following sections.  

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