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Police Department

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Police Department
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Police Department
Police are significant in the society, and their duties can never be overlooked. They are the body that has been empowered by the state to ensure that laws are enforced to the later. They are as well required to protect people together with their properties and provide that there are no criminal activities or disorder. If it were not for them, most of the things could not be functioning in the country, and therefore they are supposed to be given the respect that they deserve.
There are a lot of things that I can do as a change agent in the police department to ensure the public acquires better services. The initial something that I can do as a change agent is to deal with corruption that exists in the department. Crime is a very terrible thing that is affecting both the public and the police sector. We cannot run away from bribery because it is part of us and we only need to embrace change. As a result of fraud, most people never acquire the best services that the police are supposed to offer (Lionel, 2010). Therefore, dealing with it will better the services provided to the public.
Another thing that I can do is to issue credit where credit is supposed to be offered. Who does not like to be motivated? As the change agent, I would ensure that that police who are supposed to be excited in the department are motivated. That will keep their spirit up, and thus better services will be offered. I will praise in public and correct in private.

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Where there is an issue, I will not hesitate to ensure that things are done as they are supposed to.
Moreover, I will improve the relationship between the department and the public. There have been a lot of issues between the police and the public, and as a result, the people have felt that they do not receive the best services from their law enforcers. Ensuring that there is a good relationship between the public and the police will help in reducing wastage of energy on minor things and focus on the main challenges that the public is facing.
The entry level to my police department is the supervisory special agent. In general, it can be linked to the position of lieutenant police officers. Anyone who joins the department should have acquired the various attributes by the year 2025. The person must be compassionate. I expect that the police should have obtained enough experience to be able to offer the best services that are required. The officer should also have the attribute of creativity. He should have the ability to solve problems that arise in a very creative way. Moreover, I expect the police to be able to work within a team. Police are people who cannot work alone, and therefore, it is a must to have that skill. They will have the responsibility f micromanaging. That means that they will be managers in that capacity. Therefore, they should be ensuring that the juniors do what is expected of them. They will also be a link in the chain of command. They will be connecting with the seniors and even the juniors. They are supposed to ensure that whatever the seniors want has been done, and the voice of the juniors also reaches the seniors.
Lionel, R. (2010). Police Force. The Police Department, 11-30.

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