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Policy Proposal

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Pollution Tax Policy
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Pollution Tax Policy
The United Nation Environmental Program (UNEP) will introduce a tax on the main polluters in the world. Countries will be mandated with ensuring that the taxation system trickle down to the companies that are emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The policy target multinational companies and government-run organizations that have failed to adhere to the past interventions (Metcalf, 2019). The UNEP will impose the tax which is payable by the host country. This will delegate the mandate of ensuring that all companies adhere to the minimum pollution policy.
An independent body should be formed to ensure the implementation of the policy. The body should be free from any influence by the superpowers. These are the main targets that have failed to observe the previous agreements.
Besides taxation, the policy should involve the training of the citizens on how to live sustainable lives. Organizations should be mandated with implementing a training program that will equip the subordinates with the skills on how to manage the environment.
The body will develop a program that will aim at rehabilitating water catchment areas. In addition, countries will be required to give out a specified number of law enforcers who will be mandated with ensuring that the policy is followed (Blackman, 2010). Furthermore, the special court that deals with matters to do with the environment will be put in place.

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These will be fully funded by UNEP. Countries will be expected to sign an agreement to support the new initiative that will see the decentralizing of the operations of UNEP. Therefore, countries will manage the number of pollutants that are released into the atmosphere. Regular checks will be conducted after every 3 months to monitor the number of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

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