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Professionalism In The Military Army

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Professionalism in the Military Army


If there is adequate and complete foundation for adequate professional practice of the police, but badly public security institutions have not considered, update to the police and keep them in constantly culturally developing, to carry out actions that limit organized crime, do not prepareThe new generations as it should, and do not determine that our police can have a greater culture of legality and can take professionally actions, that delimit insecurity and give confidence to society.


That work is being done to maintain a population free of violence and insecurity and that citizens see that it has prepared police, professionals, full of legality culture, with ethics and morals at high, for good development and operation, assertingLaws, codes and regulations, like any professional public servant. 

Well seen that the duties of the police are very important, since the culture of legality mustAcademic and training development is instilled in a basis of codes, laws, duties, principles, values and envelopes a whole police action, which allows their work to be carried out well and fulfill the commitment that is acquired by being a policeman with society, withsome pampering and with the institution that represents.

Legislators, politicians have been creating with the time or reforming the laws so that the police have more foundations to carry out their work and be able to exercise a culture of effective legality, which allows the police to base the crimes carried out by antisocial persons and with itrefer to social rehabilitation centers to them.

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Many fundamentals are in regulations, codes and laws, but there are times that the functions of the police, limit them and do not allow the work to be done as it should, for example: human rights, which do not allow you to stop a personwith the use of considerable force, or as the arrest must be made in order not to put third people or their life of the offender. 

Human rights defend these people in a certain way and to the last police if they do not defend themselves in court. Deontological codes are very important in the performance of the police, and in the institutions of training to the cadets are instilled, and strengthens the thoughts, values, and behavior that they must take before society, protecting it, with ethics and professionalism.


As well as always having their morals and asserting their work with conviction, feeling and loyalty to what the police determined to be part of a large public security institution and act and be a policeman giving confidence to society with their performance, efficiency, professionalism and honesty. To have a better and well prepared police, we need, to lift a dialogue with the public security units and update the elements of public security institutions, they are given legality course in all branches.

As well as police action, and above all and most importantly, extortion and illicit enrichments are not allowed. In Constitutional Article 21. Public servants have professionalism to carry out actions in police actions, but there is no command or leader that takes them to the lines of progress and good to be able to have thus, police full ethical, moral, discipline, conviction of carrying outhis work.

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