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Qualitative Research used by Respiratory Nurses

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Qualitative Research Used by Respiratory Nurses
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Qualitative Research Used by Respiratory Nurses
Verbrugge, R., Boer, F., & Georges, J. J. (2013). Strategies used by respiratory nurses to stimulate self‐management in patients with COPD. Journal of clinical nursing, 22 (19-20), 2787-2799
The research paper discusses the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and identifies the various lifestyles and activities that directly lead to the condition, and that aggravate the condition. Smoking is identified as the chief factor that causes the narrowing of the airway passage. The paper identifies that once a patient suffers from the disease, they experience shortness of breath that causes them to feel fatigue easily. The condition causes them to avoid physical exercise that in turn makes their condition worse. The study recommends that encouraging people with this condition to live a healthy lifestyle, healthy diets, and physical exercise will significantly help improve their condition.Self-management is defined as the ability of the patient to exercise self-care regarding the symptoms and the treatment process. Normally, respiratory nurses aid the patients in the recovery process. The study, however, recognizes that a lack of formal self-management strategies by the patients often leads to inadequate care being given to these patients.
The paper examines a variety of strategies that nurses in Holland have adopted to help improve the self-management of patients suffering from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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According to the article, the pulmonary disease is prevalent and that the respiratory nurses who run their own clinics are ill-equipped in terms of strategies that they need to use in order to promote self-management among the patients suffering from the disease. The article also identifies that lack of knowledge among the health care system has a direct impact on the quality of care and also directly contributes to high morbidity and mortality rates among patients suffering from the pulmonary disease.
The purpose of the research design was to gain insight into various strategies that could be adopted to give an overall improvement in the health care of patients suffering from the chronic pulmonary disease. In the research study, the grounded theory was used. In the method, an external researcher with a nursing background was used to conduct interviews with a sample of fourteen nurses. The data were then classified and coded. After analysis, categories were identified and developed. The results of the research showed that nurses often developed strategies while practicing and the research identified some of these strategies. For instance, most of the nurses emphasized on patients quitting smoking and also paid attention to inhalation medication techniques to help the inhalation process.
The study concluded that various strategies were developed by nurses while they were practicing. Some of the strategies that were identified included quitting smoking, attention on nutrition and exercise; nurses also worked on instilling confidence among the patients through developing specific interview techniques that made the patients comfortable with them. The patients would view their health care providers as discussion partners with whom to freely share their concerns. Sharing with the health care providers would enable the patient accept their condition and to learn to live with the condition. The paper concludes by showing the relevance of the research to the clinical practice. The study also recommends that the area of self-management regarding care respiratory nursing practice was necessary. The aim of the further research would be to develop formally a consultation form that nurses could use to provide high-quality nursing care to these patients and to help them in achieving self-care management.

Verbrugge, R., Boer, F., & Georges, J. J. (2013). Strategies used by respiratory nurses to stimulate self‐management in patients with COPD. Journal of clinical nursing, 22(19-20), 2787-2799.

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