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Research Benefits of Health Coaching with Veterans that have had Uncontrolled Diabetes

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Research Benefits of Health Coaching with Veterans that have had Uncontrolled Diabetes
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The numbers of people with diabetes and weight has been on a rapid increase. Kehle,(2011) suggest that unlike the past where the most common form of the disease was type one, each day more people are graduating to type 2 and an increasing number of people are prevalent to diabetes. Health coaching has however helped to incorporate physical health care to curb the need the complicated comorbid condition. There is not only need to create a strong health coaching system but also to bring in interventions to cater for patient’s diseases by finding practical ways to bring these medical care interventions at the disposal of patients.
Research Design
The research uses an effective design that will evaluate direct health outcomes of health coaching. The method involves educating and evaluating the veterans suffering from diabetes that will be recruited into the program. The study has a life span of six months where participants will be evaluated by telephone, face to face and control group. The examination has two major goals; Firstly to evaluate the effectiveness of stimulated education on diabetes and obesity; secondly to consequently launch a pilot test of health coaching implementation plan created to facilitate fidelity and utilization of the coaching lessons coupled with a proper health care plan.
Qualitative analysis
Health coaching is a setting that evidences an interaction between healthcare providers and veterans suffering from diabetes and weight problems and emphasizes the relationship between the coach and the patient.

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Kehle, (2011) asserts that the veterans as a result of the interaction with the skill- based technique training gain a method to control their physical health that regulates diabetes coupled with learning good health techniques aimed at improving the condition of diabetes. The program enlists active participation of coaches who will deliver the requisite information to all the participating veterans via telephone, or a face to face session, or on group modules. This coach-patient communication maintains communication on the ongoing health improvement schedules and analyzes any health changes that may result and which require further guidance. Such may include hypoglycemia, laziness to implement, medication problems.
Quantitative analysis
The ultimate purpose of health coaching is to make a controlled analysis of the improvements. The effect is that diabetes reducing campaign with a specific attention to the patient engages a comprehensive strategy to manage a patient. This only increases a better understanding of health care techniques by patients resulting in very positive clinical outcomes. This model differs from other previous methods of curbing diabetes in that; first, it allows patients to have personal and direct attention to treatment of diabetes, which gives them the flexibility to deal with the urgent challenges they may face, making it a patient self-diagnosis and not a doctor dependent one. In their research Wilt, (2011) concludes that where patients are involved in healthcare, the healthcare process has always been enhanced. Second, Research has shown the use of medication coaching to patients either through telephone or other methods has led to improved condition of patients.
Kehle, S. M., Greer, N., Rutks, I., & Wilt, T. (2011). Interventions to improve veterans’ access to care: a systematic review of the literature. Journal of general internal medicine, 26(2), 689-696.
 Kessler, R. S. (2012). The patient centered medical home: a great opportunity to move beyond brilliant and irrelevant. Translational behavioral medicine, 1-2.

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