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Scientific Paper/A basket ball will bounce higher on a concrete surface than on a soft surface such as on wood or on grass.

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Scientific Paper
The hypothesis about balls reaching a higher level when bouncing on hard surfaces like concrete in comparison to softer surfaces like grass is correct. According to physics, this hypothesis responds to the reality. As far as the results section is concerned, the results show the difference between bouncing on concrete and on grass efficiently. However, there should be a percentage comparison between the two to make a stronger emphasis on their difference. Concerning the discussion section, it is quite explanatory and includes all the mechanisms and physics related to the experiment. It refers to energy transfer and absorption, which gives the reader a better understanding of the reasons behind the experiment’s results.
Nevertheless, there is a serious lack of data in the material and method section. First of all, there is no such section in the PowerPoint document, whereas there should be since it is information of extreme importance. In your word document, there is a requirements and procedure section, however there are no specific measurements presented as to make the experiment replicable. There is not a measurement of the predetermined height which was used to make the comparisons. Furthermore, the way the bouncing height was measured effectively is missing. There should be an accurate measurement, with the aid of a camera to show the exact height the ball has reached in comparison to a predetermined height.

Wait! Scientific Paper/A basket ball will bounce higher on a concrete surface than on a soft surface such as on wood or on grass. paper is just an example!

The predetermined height used for comparison should be a steady object, preferably a white wall divided into centimeters, by drawing lines on it with the aid of the measuring tape. In this way, the measurements would be accurate.
The experiment should be repeated according to the feedback received. There should be more accurate measurements and the use of a camera to measure the exact height otherwise the measurements are not objective. In this way the experiment will be replicable and accurate. As a result there will be an exact percentage describing the relationship between bouncing on a hard and on a soft surface.Works cited
Pies, Ronald, “How does assisting with suicide affect physicians?” The Conversation, The Conversation, 2018. Accessed 25 September 2018

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